Holding ON By The Seat Of My Pants (part 2)

I Don't Know If I should Be Telling You This

You may walk away with a different look

Not Vampirish or down right evil

One of stunned in a world of shock

As if you have seen a ghost

The tradition of Halloween is alive and well

Each year they get more digital and electronic

When my children were young

A lame ghost with just a blinking light that goes off and on

Gave all the others cheers and screams at the same time

Now a different world that we live

One of real danger and illusion is reality

The Halloweens in the past were always just for fun

Nothing to worry

Everyone knew who you would be with

You could stay out late

When the last doorbell would ring

Thats when an older crowd took over

One with a mask the others with a face full of shaving cream

The weather turns cold and many kids had to dress warm

For that one special night out

To prevent from being sick at least for tonight

Who would notice one older lady missing

AmongĀ one hundred kids

The door left open and the lights hanging from the walls

With an endless number of electronic motion sensored creepy and scarey things to make your skin crawl

Who would of guessed a real ghost among the witches and the monsters

When so many kids our dressed up as a fireman and a police lady

A princess and an army man

We can't forget a balerina and a little frog

Where am I going with this story that gives me the chills

I can't wait for the ending

Now someone cut it up a notch

To be continued...

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