Home: A Wedding Poem

One of my best friends recently married and is moving to Switzerland with her new Swiss husband. She will be moving to a country where she knows no one and does not speak the language. She asked me to write a poem to read during the wedding ceremony and since they are moving away I focused on the idea of home.


Home is not a location,

a dot on the map,

an address.

Matching towels,

clothes, books, and dishes,

are not a home.

Home is your future,

Where dreams begin,

Where tomorrows become yesterdays.

A home is where you live, yes.

But it is also where you laugh,

where you love,

where,sometimes, you hurt.

Possessions are easily bought.

But home,

a home must be fought for,



Home is indeed where your heart is,

Today you marry your heart.

Welcome home.

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Kamalesh050 profile image

Kamalesh050 4 years ago from Sahaganj, Dist. Hooghly, West Bengal, India

I love the poem. It's so sweet and Beautiful and I fully agree with your idea of 'Home'. Very well done. Voted Up.

Take care. Best Wishes, Kamalesh

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