Homo Sapien


with apologies to Peter Shelley (kinda)

Are you kind sir?

Do you mind sir?

Will you find

That I'm homo sapien too?

What's the crime, sir?

What's the rhyme, sir?

Is there time

Am I a homo sapien too?

What we did, sir

Kept it hid, sir

Under the lid

I'm just a homo sapien too

And you're homo sapien too

Am I homo sapien like you?

Homo superior

Fashionable exterior

What do you fear

That we're homo sapien too?

Freely chosen

Quickly frozen

On the nose

Am I a homo sapien like you?

From the pages

Various stages

Through the ages

I'm a homo sapien too

And you're a homo sapien too

Am I homo sapien like you?

In the stack sir

Everything's whack sir

Take a crack

Am I homo sapien too?

Are you homo sapien too?

Are we homo sapien too?

Can we classify each other like animals in the zoo?

And put down each other the way that homo sapiens do?

And destroy each other through the telephone lines every day?

And fake a sincerity that only pushes farther away?

Will you stop up your ears and your nose and not hear about love?

And reject things you know really and truly come from above?

I don't want to classify you like an animal in the zoo

But do you see me yeah see me as homo sapien too?

In the air sir

Is it fair sir

If I care

That you're homo sapien too?

We're all homo sapien too

We're all homo sapien too

We're all homo sapien too

copyright © 2012 christopher w neal all rights reserved

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sweethearts2 profile image

sweethearts2 4 years ago from Northwest Indiana

Isn't it wonderful we are all created in the Great Likeness and sad that we all don't see that in others. Awesome write.

Chris Neal profile image

Chris Neal 4 years ago from Fishers, IN Author

sweethearts2 -

Thank you so much! Well said!

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