Honey Where Are You ?

Where Do You Think ?

I was writing earlier

With thoughts of creativity and lots of imagination

I was thinking about work

How I love to help other coworkers and get the job done

Working as a team

Now I am thinking how great it is to be off work

When I am at home I am relaxed and so pleased

I love walking and feeling my legs and arms in motion

Taking deep breaths that fill my lungs with oxygen

I use to love running

Pushing my body to the limit

Trying to move my legs faster and faster

Gasping for air

It was pure torture

Making sweat and feeling it drip down my forehead

Then I love sleeping late and dreaming of everything under the sun

Reading has always been my favorite

Diving right into a good book

Guessing before I read the writers next words

Trying to get into their head

Jumping ahead and thinking of a new ending

Then looking up at the top of the book

I am only on page ten

You are there again

My wife shouts out in a surprised voice

It gave me time to read

Time to think

Time to dream

Any idea where I can be found ?

Listen closely for a clue

A soft trickling sound

It sounds like water running

Whoosh !

What can I say

I had to go

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MsDora profile image

MsDora 2 years ago from The Caribbean

Surprise, surprise as to where to find you. Kinda cute!

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 2 years ago Author

MsDora We all have many places to be and see. Some we just hint about and go on with our day. I blame it on the raisin bran muffin I had earlier. It was good maybe a little too good. Thank you for reading and commenting. A little humor can go along way.

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