Flash Tale Poetry 2


All Hope Fails ( Poem one )

The air was hot,

and the insanity was clear,

a grief stricken mother

straddled a chair,

hugging her son

close to her bosom,

all her emotions would run,

like the ocean tide,

as her husband sat at her side,

the pediatric ward was somber,

and everyone feared,

hopelessly, but they made no movement,

the doctors and nurses just stared,

the mother’s face

was drained of all color,

she stood in place,


staring at the walls,

as the ghost of her daughter calls,

and all hope falls.

Hope Caved ( Poem two )

I guess it’s a game called survival,

everyone fought for it,

but he was dead on arrival,

the surgeons had cracked the chest

in attempt to massage a spark

or two into the guy’s heart,

they did their best,

they played their part,

but the man was lost to the dark,

a ghost stayed long enough to watch

an intern curse,

and a surgeon yell for a charge nurse

to move the dead man from the triage area,

hope caved,

it was just too much,

he couldn’t be saved,

and reality was touched,

the detective’s rule-book,

offered another outlook,

it called for a case in which,

no reliable witnesses or evidence

would be recovered,

but in his face,

a truth was discovered,

the dead man’s girlfriend

was a reliable witness at the scene,

it was a detective’s dream,

she was an eyewitness to everything,

and like a canary, she’d sing,

it was a sad situation,

so much frustration

when her eyes and the killer’s met,

he said something she’d never forget,

and it was that her boyfriend was killed

over an eight dollar debt.

© 2011 Frank Atanacio

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