Hospital, at Death's Door

the little angel that stayed

The little angel that stayed
The little angel that stayed

Hospital 1994, Coma, Given Zero Percent to Live by the Doctors

The doctor said by morning I would meet death.

So, seven angel's my mother sent.

They prayed all night, watching my every breath;

then by morning all but the little one left.

All day long the little one stayed,

kneeling at the foot of my bed.

Whispering as she prayed, never hearing

what she said.

By night fall, the other six came,

they prayed all night,

in the morning again, the

little one remained, as the six others disappeared from my sight.

Months later, I finally a woke,

and I asked her why she stayed

at my bed.

After a while she finally spoke,

and this is what she said,

"this was a promise I had to keep. That

I would stay with you while you sleep.

But, at your side I have always stayed.

I watched you laugh and I watched you play,

and, when you were lost, I guided your way.

So, live your life and always remember - I will never

be far away."

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jacksson47 profile image

jacksson47 2 years ago from Reedley, CA

Ellen, my daughter in Portland, OR just went through MRSA. Thank God that she is still alive. She went into pneumonia after the MRSA; I sent her some colloidal silver water and she got better real fast.

Ellen Karman profile image

Ellen Karman 4 years ago from medina, Ohio Author

Dear Aykianink, yes you are so right. I had a lot of people praying for me. Before I started crashing I knew I was dying. I guess the doctors update your family so they know you are not expecting a different outcome. A lot of the time they said "either all the meds and treatment is going to kill her of the MRSA pneumonia and septic shock will. I appreciate the read, Ellen

aykianink profile image

aykianink 4 years ago

Sometimes zero percent is just enough:-)

Ellen Karman profile image

Ellen Karman 4 years ago from medina, Ohio Author

Mismazda. thank you as well for enjoying this poem! I do know that it has everything to do with God! I am very lucky and have found the beauty in slowing down, I see more and feel more rather then rushing around like I did before my illness. I am pretty healthy now, still have a bad back but I wouldn't trade anything. I believe everything happens for a reason. Thank you again, Ellen Karman

mismazda profile image

mismazda 4 years ago from a southern georgia peach

Oh my word that is breathtaking and beautiful. I am too glad that you came through your illness....but I know that you know...that it was by GOD's grace and mercy...I really like this poem. Voted up and sharing.

Ellen Karman profile image

Ellen Karman 4 years ago from medina, Ohio Author

Thank you so much Mollymeadows for the read and I am very glad you enjoyed the poem. I too am thrilled I survived the worst odds. This is a tough subject for me to write about except things like this, when I found out you don't stop existing when death comes and the high light was seeing my kids a few months later. And, to go home, I appreciate you visiting me. Ellen Karman

mollymeadows profile image

mollymeadows 4 years ago from The Shire

Ellen, I'm so glad you survived your ordeal against all the odds! This is such a beautiful poem. I loved the idea that your mother sent seven angels -- and that it was the smallest one who stayed, lol! P.S. the picture is adorable.

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