How I Met the Love of my Life

The first time I met him I had no interest, all my focus was on my heartbreak.

Going through emotions, my ex left me broken, looking for love yet fighting the notions.

We met at the pool next to where i lived, it was my girlfriend's idea for us to go and chill.

Never expected to have fallen so hard, I let him in, opened my heart, shared all my secrets and showed all my scares.

Scared of the judgments that may be followed, but all he tried was to cure my sorrows.

He held my soul, he held my mind, I thought about him every minute, every second, all day and all night.

The way we make love to each other ,can't stop thinking about that either. Its unlike any other, his dominance, his control makes my body quiver.

I long each day to hold him in my arms, wanting to just see him to feel his warm body next to mines

Am i obsessed? What am i looking for? Maybe love but will he love me like i do? I'm not sure.

My love grew stronger till affecting my health, telling him wasn't enough so i proved to him how i felt.

His body so amazing, his personality so divine, hes just unique and one of a kind.

Even perfect in his own way, yet can be so annoying quarreling for little petty things.

I know its only because he truly care, he never expected himself to become so near.

I will always love him now until God show a sign of wrath, as we both confess until death do us part.

yip thats me
yip thats me
Kisses for my baby
Kisses for my baby | Source

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