How Napoleon Hill's Classic Book Inspires Today

Photo by Linda Compton
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"Think and Grow Rich" - an inspiring book by Napoleon Hill

This is one of those books I'd heard about for years but didn't read until recently. The title kind of tripped me up. I guess I didn't really know what it actually meant, how it worked or why it was truly so very important. And actually it is much more than a book about getting rich. It is a tour de force about personal growth, insight and true abundance.

After reading Napoleon Hill's best-selling classic, "Think and Grow Rich," I was truly inspired. Immediately I began implementing and incorporating what I had learned into my daily life. I have been re-reading and studying it ever since. As an acknowledgement and celebration of my learning, I designed and created a greeting card series: SUCCESS SERIES ONE, using quotes from the book and matching them with my original photographs.

The cards are 5x7, professionally printed on re-cycled paper with soy-based ink. Each set includes one each of seven different images & quotes. I received copyright permission from the Napoleon Hill Foundation to market the cards (and gratefully acknowledge NHF on the back of each card).

You may view the cards at

There is so much wisdom, insight and practical help in this extensively researched book. Each time I read it something new jumps out at me.

Because I deeply believe that "giving begins the receiving process" I really appreciate the distinction Dr. Hill makes between what one wants and what one is worth. This is key because mindset is absolutely crucial to one's personal growth and development, as well as to one's financial success.

Hill states, "It is one thing to want money - everyone wants more - but it is something entirely different to be worth more ! Many people mistake their wants for their just dues . Your financial requirements or wants have nothing whatsoever to do with your worth. Your value is established entirely by your ability to provide useful service or your capacity to induce others to provide such service."

This understanding relates to Hill's assertion that providing useful service is absolutely essential in order to acquire riches. That is, we are to give an equivalent or greater value in return for whatever we are asking. Opportunity is abundant and varied, and the law of economics makes it clear that if one has a sound plan, puts it into action and persists, that upon providing useful service one will be able to collect riches in proportion to "the value of the service." This is a powerful, profound and practical understanding, and a proven approach. Sound plans and creative action, along with persistent effort will always bring results.

Hill states that one must have definiteness of purpose, a burning desire, and persistence: "Practical dreamers do not quit ."

If one is truly seeking a practical guide to deep personal growth as well as a keen understanding of how abundance is actually acquired, this book is a must read. And I can say that the more time you spend with it, the more you will gain from it. It is the kind of book that is to be studied and savored, pondered and put into practice. If you read it with an open mind and heart your life will not long be the same.

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