How Promotional Should an Article Be?

An Experienced Moderator

As an experienced moderator for another site I have seen all manner of submissions, many of which are rejected because of poor quality, or are too short. I regularly reject articles because of the links provided being classified as advertising type links, that means that point to a commercial page for another company - for example if you are writing an article about air conditioner filters then including a link to a sales page (i.e a page containing filter prices) is inappropriate and not permitted.

Links to other articles by the author (whether on that site or any other) are always encouraged because they help to raise the profile of that particular writer, and in principle whether the link goes to another writing site, or the current one, it is the writer's profile that is raised by search engines etc.

As a professional web content provided I am well aware of how to build web pages, provide content that not only is informative and insightful and promotes client products or services, but performs well on search results



Content Matters!

One thing is very true, today's on-line writing world is incredibly competitive and there are many writers vying to be heard, yet alongside content it is high quality that matters most. There are hundreds of writers that simply dash to publish, they simply throw the words together and never check them. There is a place for free writing, where you start with an idea and simply write whatever comes to mind - I also publish free-written essays all the time, but I never do so without at first checking out the content to ensure it lives up to the same standard as my planned work

On-line writers need to be even more exceptional than print writers because that have to fulfil many roles, including, writer, proof-reader, the editor, the publisher, and in truth they simply do it for the love of writing because most writing sites do not pay enough to allow them to give up their day jobs.

To increase your chance of being seen your pages need:

  • Multiple sections with titles to aid searches.
  • Have imaginative, well written, articles that limit spelling errors and demonstrate good grammar.
  • Include photographs, artwork, or images that enhance the quality of the written word and are attributable to their creator.
  • perhaps make use of relevant quoted material

Tick Tock

Dali's clock or is it?
Dali's clock or is it? | Source

How promotional are you?

When you are writing do you include links to other material that you have written?

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Holy Content!

Some writers are simply content to add the minimum content, their thoughts of the day and nothing more. One of the advantages Hub Pages offers is the ability to add a variety of content to appeal to the reader and keep them engaged, like polls, pictures, videos and other types of capsule that can be used to empower a person's writing.

How promotional are you? If you answered the poll then you will be able to see how all the readers before you have answered it. The answer categories are important. There are many writer that always add links into their pages (either because they referenced other people's material within their content or because they wish to provide a reader with an opportunity to read other items they have written). Other writers only add links when they deem them necessary.

Those writers that never add links are limiting their own capability to grow and be read, indeed when Google's software looks at a page one of the criteria it has is to find links and generally Google seeks approximately 1 link for every 100 words published and it likes links to be applied to a short phrase rather than a long sentence, so building links is a good thing and can help promote your own work.

Aren't I Right?
Aren't I Right? | Source

An Oxymoron?

Surely it is an oxymoron to say that a writer should not promote their material, because if an author does not promote themselves then they will not advance their position. When I write I promote myself simply by taking that action, by saying my piece. Of course readers can simply type my name into a search engine to find other material that I write, but why make life hard for them - that is after-all the purpose of the hyper-link, to provide a simple way for one piece of material to be linked to another.

The complicating factor here is that any link is promotional, even if it points to a page that does not include advertising material sales prices etc. Most on-line writers do not do it for the money they do it to gain a reputation, so a little self promotion is always necessary.



Concrete Facts

If you are writing a factual article it is true the more specific the facts, tips, and figures you provide can help your page be recognised and perform better, it is said you must give your readers the facts in order to make it more interesting and useful. If the article warrants it we might use

  • Quotations from famous people
  • Bullet points or numbered lists to provide this information in an easy to read format
  • and many other devices to present the facts to our audience.

Yet in truth not everything we write reduces to a set of facts, much of the time we write opinion and even when we provide the facts to support our argument we also need to back this up by words that add weight to an argument

The Truth about Promotion

Links used
Search Engine Impact
Reader Impact
No links included
Page is added to index but with low importance.
One link added
Page is indexed with standard importance
They may use it to find more information
Multiple links added
Page is indexed with higher priority and links mapped
Will see you as providing a wealth of knowledge
Broken Links
Servers holding pages to crash from time to time, check broken links are not permanent
They may see your material as less reliable if they click a link that does not work
Inactive Links
Ignored by search engines
Most readers will not bother copying text to another browser tab.


Deborah Demander profile image

Deborah Demander 19 months ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

Content is king!

Thanks for writing this great article.


Nancy Czerwinski 19 months ago

Thank you for sharing this article. I've learned so much from you. In my personal opinion you are a wonderful teacher.

Dana Tate profile image

Dana Tate 19 months ago from LOS ANGELES

Great tips you have given here.

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