How Shall I Plead?

How Shall I Plead?

Mountain lion, panther

           wolf and fox:

All are endangered,

           please check a box.


Whales and dolphins,

          harp seals too;

I am but poor,

          what can I do?


"They" say you'll forever

          pass away

If I don't give

           fifty dollars. TODAY!


Would you put their extinction

           upon my head

Because I had to buy

          my family's bread?


I'll do what I can:

          it isn't much--

A letter to

           Mr. So and Such.


But if "they're" right,

           and you go away,

I'll shed tears to drown the sea

           that day.



© 1987 C. Elizabeth Carl

©2010 C. Elizabeth (Carl) Elias

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