How To Establish A Writing Space Conducive To Writing


As mentioned in previous tips, your schedule is one of the foundations or ways on how you can become a successful writer. What comes with a perfect schedule is a perfect place where you will be doing your written work. In this article, I will be providing some tips on how you can locate or establish a writing place where you will be spending most of your time creating and finishing your work.

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Writing space

If you have a vacant room in your house, you can set that extra room as your sacred writing space. This will be your writing office. Make sure as well that the room that you are using can be accessed at any time as you wish. A writing office that is ready for you 24/7 so that in the event that something comes up to your mind like great ideas, your writing office will be ready. It is recommended that your writing office contains a lot of windows for fresh air to come in together with enough light coming from the sun.

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Less distraction

Your writing office should be distraction free. If you can locate a room that is facing your backyard showing a great image of your garden then that would be perfect. It is better to have a writing office that has a great view compared to a writing office that is looking at a busy pavement which is along the road. If possible, your writing area should not be in the middle of the hallway since the hallway is a busy place for family members. As a responsible writer, it is your task as well to make sure that everything is organized for you to have peace of mind allowing you to be more creative and more productive. See to it as well that your writing office is well ventilated.

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Fully equipped

Make sure that your writing office has all the materials you need such as extra pens, pencil sharpener, bundles and bundles of bond paper and a lot more. That way you would know what items are you going to use in case you need something. You can even place a small fridge in your writing office so that in case you get hungry, you can have a little snack and take a break while thinking of some things to be added in your writing project.Paper shredders and trash bins should also be available in your writing office for you to have dirt and scrap papers thrown away without living your writing office. This will be handy so that in the event that you accidentally thrown some important notes, you can still retrieve it from the trash bin. Make sure that before you shred papers you have already transferred those notes in your compilation.


There are other factors as well on how you can establish a good writing place. The key concept here is to find your comfort zone. The reason I’ am telling to find your comfort zone in establishing your writing space is because we have to consider as well people who are more productive in the opposite of the tips that I have provided. Just like for example for people who are productive in a messy place but still able to find the notes that they have compiled scattered in the section of the room. There are also people who are productive in writing when listening to music or loud sounds. Always remember that whenever you are trying to find or establish your writing space find your comfort in writing first and everything will follow. Your comfort will dictate where your writing space is.

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