How To Gain Writing Tips By Talking To Yourself


Have you ever tried talking to yourself? Normally, people would think that you are crazy if you are talking to yourself. Of course there is a rational explanation why people talk to their selves. Unknowingly, they are communicating with their inner self to answer their questions and to know what to do while multitasking. Talking to one’s self regularly happens if you are preoccupied with something that you are focused on doing while thinking at the same time which is a normal incident because most of the time people cannot just help it to be a busy person. In this article or hub, I will be providing some tips on how beneficial it is to talk to yourself in improving your writing especially your writing project.

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Give analytical results

Technically, analytical results can be obtained by talking to yourself. It is because; you are asking yourself what would be the rational reason why you should be doing this particular step in your writing project and to know if the steps you have broken down is the appropriate sequence to complete your writing goals. You will notice this by hearing yourself out if the decision you made is correct or not by analyzing every step you have made. Talking to yourself is also beneficial in getting analytical results especially by breaking down your plans and knowing if some additional steps are needed to be added in your plans.

Accurate answer to your inquiry

Talking to yourself is beneficial especially if you cannot decide on what is the most appropriate thing to do. Try to ask yourself out loud what would be the answer to your question. Unknowingly, you have an answer on the back of your mind and all you have to do is verbalize it. Upon hearing out your own answer in your own question, you will hear it out if your answer is appropriate or not. This would be nice if you can come up with a list of questions that is related to your writing project. Try to answer it and check if you can get better ideas by adding information to your answer.

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Needs and actions

Talking to yourself is beneficial in knowing what your needs are in your writing project. By knowing what you need, you know what your weaknesses are. Focus on these weaknesses in try to improve on it. Come up with a list of the things that you need especially the ones that are needed to improve your work or your writing project. There is also another benefit in talking to yourself, and this is by knowing what actions to be done. Doing this and that would be a piece of cake if you would hear out your actions that need to be taken. Talking to yourself would be nice in creating a story because you would notice the actions to be done to improve your story or novel. You can even come up with a list by knowing what actions you missed. By talking to yourself, you would come up with needs and it works hand in hand with the actions you should take.

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Desires and capability

Talking to yourself is good especially when setting up your goals or desires. What you want to achieve and what you want to happen in your writing project. By hearing yourself what your desires are it motivates you even more to complete your work or your writing project. Hearing your own desires triggers ourselves to work more and unknowingly, you would notice that you are working harder than you expected caused by this sudden impulse of desire. By knowing your desires, you would also notice what your capabilities are just by talking to yourself. Upon noticing your capabilities and what the things you can do creates a mindset that you would strive harder and will try to improve on your work. Giving you the chance to take risk in going beyond your abilities or capabilities and if this risk is a success, you would notice that you have a certain gain in your skill giving you more confidence in yourself.

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Placing yourself in the readers’ shoes

Talking to yourself is great by reading your story out loud. You would hear yourself how your work was done. It is more like placing yourself in your readers’ shoes and knowing how good your work is or not. If you notice some slips or error in your work try to improve it since you yourself knows who your target readers are and what your readers would look for in your written work. This also improves your work by hearing grammatical slips in your finished project and having the chance to correct it, giving you more chance to try and make your work perfect.


There are so many benefits that people can come up with by talking to one’s self. There is a psychological reason why we are actually doing this. Research shows that talking to yourself is normal and mostly 90% of the human population is actually talking to their selves whether they notice it or not. Don’t be afraid to think that talking to yourself is not normal because as mentioned above, talking to our self is usually done especially if we are multi-tasking because the body cannot keep up with the rapid activities that the brain has stored for us as our daily activities.

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Joey B Comer profile image

Joey B Comer 4 years ago from Tennessee

Talking to yourself isn't any crazier then talking to someone who wasn't really listening to you anyway. Talking your ideas out with someone else is usually in hopes of getting feedback. Hearing yourself think out loud is it's own kind of feedback. Even if you're just bouncing your ideas off the walls and not other people.

wishfulthinking87 profile image

wishfulthinking87 4 years ago from India

Yes I do it. Its much more fun conversing with one's own self especially when no one's around

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