How To Improve Your Writing Skills Through Writing Tips In The Workplace


As mentioned in previous articles or hubs, ideas are everywhere. You can gather a lot of ideas even you are not in your writing area. Writing is more of a habit and a vocation rather than a hobby. You can write anywhere you are if you have a pen and paper with you. That is why as a person who loves to write, always keep a pen and paper handy where ever you go because you will never notice when an idea might jump at you. By keeping this in mind; even if you are in a different profession, you can still write even if you are in the work place. Trust me, the work place is where you can get a lot of ideas and gain some skills in writing.

In this article or hub, I will be providing some tips in writing that can improve your skills in writing or even improve your work or writing project. I encourage you to read more especially if you are working in a different field which is not related to writing or not even related to your writing project.

Ask your co-workers

While having lunch break or just taking your regular break, you can ask your co-workers if your written work is good. Be prepared on what they have to say because this will be a good set of feedback that will come from regular people who might be interested in your writings in the future or prospect readers. Aside from that, they might have ideas coming from their experience that you don’t regularly have. A good example of this is your co-workers are parents who regularly read bed time stories to their kids while you on the other hand do not have kids. Their experience by having kids can help you out because they as a consumer of kiddie stories know what is best for their kids. While you on the other hand take advantage of their honest review of your work. Your co-workers can even provide you with recommendations or new set of ideas that you can use for your future writing.

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Famous punch line of your boss or co-workers

Our bosses are good with words which is the reason why they are in the position that everybody respects. If you would notice, common things with our bosses are their skills on how to use good words to express their ideas clearly to other people. You can take advantage of this by using your boss’s words as a punch line or a dialogue for one of your characters in your story. Aside from that, your boss or your co-workers provide good speech that can either encourage you in your work or in your writing. You can even use their ideas to in your writing. Your imagination is crucial here and your skill on when to apply the things that you have learned in the workplace to your writing. Our bosses are genius when it comes to the things that they do which is the reason why they are good sources of ideas that you can use for your writing. Aside from that they are a rich source of information which you can use to educate people through the use of your articles or magazine publications. There are lots of information that we can gather in the workplace and your boss is not the only resource you can come up with.

Ideas from people not into writing

Good ideas regularly come from people who are not into writing such as your co-workers. These ideas are fresh and are difficult to find elsewhere. The reason why it is difficult to find it elsewhere is because your co-workers are not into writing which is why they do not express their ideas through writing. This is your chance to take advantage of the ideas and information that you can use together with the personal touch that you can come up with. Your co-workers are more focused on their work because their work is their vocation; unlike you, you have both your work and your writing as your vocation. As I mentioned before, you do not need to be a professional writer to write who regularly work at news or magazine publications and not even an author. If writing is what you love then write to your heart’s content.

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There are so many ideas that you can come up with if you are in the workplace. The workplace is just one of the external resources of content rich ideas that you can use in your writing. If you are in a different profession and you love to write, I encourage you to write an article or a hub of your own to help our fellow writers who are in the process of improving their skills in writing.

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