How To Let Your Imagination Work While Travelling To Come Up With Writing Tips On How To Improve Your Writing


Whenever you are traveling, it would be nice to run your mind free and into the wild. It allows you to get some wicked ideas that you can come up with that can be used in your story or in your novel. In this article or hub, I will be providing some tips on how you can make your imagination work while enjoying your travels at the same time. Use these tips on your work especially in your stories. Read more on the tips below to find out more on how to let your imagination work.

Create characters

Have you ever thought about using actual people as your characters? Simple people you see while you travel can be used as characters in your story or novel. Their appearance alone is already a good idea if you can describe it in your work. A simple farmer, a tourist, or even a side walk vendor can be used as one of your extra characters in your story. You can use these people as your background characters and it is a good effect in writing a novel or story because every detail you describe to your readers lets them be a part of the story or novel.

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Get useful dialogues

Having a conversation with people you don’t know while traveling is also beneficial for writers. As mentioned earlier you can use random people as characters in your stories. Every person is unique in their own way which is the reason why you can learn some dialogues that can be used for your characters in your novel or story. Their own pick-up lines or punch lines are quite amusing. Their accent can also be described in your written work to enhance the experience of your readers. You can describe their accent by comparing it with other nationalities or race. A good example of this is if you have a cowboy as one of your characters in your story or novel, their accent can be compared with southern American accent. The same applies if your character for example is a mob leader. The accent can be compared either to a Sicilian, Italian or an American with a New York accent.

Create lives out of people

As mentioned in the previous tips above, characters serve a good benefit in enhancing your readers’ experience allowing them to be part of the story or novel. Every detail in your story through characters lets your readers imagine that they are in the actual place where the story is happening. In the event that if you ran out of ideas on what to write, you can try to create stories out of the lives of people you meet while you travel. The same technique or method is used when article writers document a specific biography of a certain person. Life of certain people is a good topic especially for readers who are interested in a specific race of people.

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Use people’s behaviors

Ever thought how other people in a specific race behave? While you are traveling, it would be nice to know other cultures of people you meet. It enhances your knowledge about their customs and traditions including their values on how they look at life which is the reason why they behave as such. By knowing details on how a specific race behaves, you can use this knowledge in your writing upon the creation of your story or novel. As mentioned in previous tips above, every detail counts and it is important in enhancing your readers’ experience. As a writer, take advantage of your travel by socializing with other people and knowing their culture which dictates why they behave as such. It also gives you the advantage of knowing what interests of other people are. Therefore, you would know what specific target reader you are creating your written work for.

Professions of people

Socializing is just one way in getting to know people from different location while you travel. By getting to know these people, you get to know their culture, how they behave and many more. This includes what type of profession they have which is an additional detail in building up your characters. By letting your readers know what profession or specialty a specific character in your story does, it enhances their reading experience. Again, this is about providing every detail and information to your readers to let them imagine that they are part of your story or novel.

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Courtesy of Google | Source

Imagine places

Places while you travel can be used in your stories or novels as mentioned in previous hubs or articles. While being in an unknown area where you have never been to, this is the time that you use your imagination. Imagine the place where you are together with your ideal characters for your story or novel. Keep in mind that your characters should match the scene or the place that you are using in your story because it would be awkward and inappropriate if your characters are from a different place which is not matching the scenery. An awkward example of this is by having a knight as your character which is found in a modern day city rather than being found in a medieval era such as castles and dungeons. Sounds weird right?


As you travel, you will meet lots of people and places that can be used in your work. Always keep in mind that every detail counts because it enhances your readers’ experience. Therefore, include as much detail as you can as you create your story or novel. Always remember as well the appropriateness of your story or novel to your target readers or audience.

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