How To Live A Wonderful Life As A Good Writer


By knowing the traits a writer should possess while having the right mindset together with how to manage your time as a writer, you are starting to live a wonderful life in preparation of becoming a writer. Writing as a vocation is not a way of life; it is life itself since writing has been in our life since the prehistoric age. Writing is the way on how our ancestors pass down their stories to us. Writing is also one of our ways in communicating with each other. Writing is a process and not merely a product. Therefore, if you are a writer then live your life on it. In this article, I will provide some tips on how to live your life as a writer and these are just recommended tips on how to do so.

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Expand on your idea

In the event that you have an interesting idea in mind, expand it by creating something out of it. Your work will not bring into fruition not unless you do something about it. Even professional writers do something in their work. They don’t sit down, write, and then call it a day. They tweak something in their work and think of other things on how to improve their written work. As a writer, you also have to think on what to do next and plan ahead of time. Preparation is the key in living your life as a writer. As you have all the resources prepared, your work will be easier and much faster. This can be attained by filing your notes per subject and making it organized.

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Untangle your mind and absorb the ideas around you

Ideas are everywhere no matter where you are on the globe. If you don’t have any ideas on what to write, try to observe anything around you and you can gather ideas from it. Observing people’s actions and conversations, obtaining ideas from your kid, using your dreams at night and many more can be used in your writing project. Life itself has so many ways in providing ideas, information, and resources that can help you in your writing. Therefore, keep in mind that you should be aware in the ideas that will be provided to you. This can be done by having a handy notebook with you at all times to jot down ideas that you might encounter throughout the day.

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Courtesy of Google | Source

Write from hobbies and current events

Things that you are interested in can be a good topic to write. It can be in a form of a review of a certain product that you like, a certain event in time, or updated news that you have heard of. If you know something that might interest others, why not try to write something about it? A good example of this can either be tutorials, product reviews, or press release. These are the common trends nowadays that people write about. They use their hobbies to attract readers of the same interest and writers unknowingly help people by just writing something out from it. Helping others is a good way to live life. It is like hitting two birds in one stone. Aside from enjoying your passion as a writer, you are also helping other people and becoming a good person.


Always remember that writing has always been and will always be a part of our life. Ideas will always come at you like lighting. It is unexpected and you will never know when it will strike. Live your life as a good writer by satisfying yourself in your vocation while helping others along the way without requesting for anything in return. So I hope by the end of this article, I can make up your mind and encourage you to be a writer. Then what are you waiting for? Write something out of anything that interests you. You might be the next J. K. Rowling, Stephanie Meyer or Mario Puzo.

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