How To Make Writing One Of Your Priorities


In the previous article, it was mention that a writer should devote time in their writing. Without devoting or giving time to your writing we as writers cannot come up with articles, novels, and other writing tasks that we need to do.

However, some other people still have difficulties and ask their selves how to devote time to writing and what should be done to achieve the time and devotion to writing. In this article or hub, I would be providing some things that a writer must have or a writer must do in order to devote themselves to writing. Here are some easy steps to achieve devotion to writing and I recommend you to read more since there are some information or actions that you can do in order for you to make your writing your first concern.

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Manage your time

Allocating time for your writing is just one of the ways that you can do in order for you to have your devotion to writing. Writing is not done by speeding the process, but if you have at least thirty minutes a day in writing a sentence or two; you can already create a whole paragraph that can be a part of your work; either a part of your story, novel, or your article. A lot of things can be accomplished in as little as thirty minutes. Add all the thirty minutes per day you do in a single month and you can already accomplish your work in no time.

The best time to allocate to your writing is in the morning or at dawn when there is complete silence all over the place. You also have the option to write after you wake up. This gives you a refreshed state of mind allowing you to do more things and boosts your imagination. A refreshed mind is a good way to start writing. If your mind is well rested caused by sleep then it boosts your productivity and eagerness to work on something you desire such as writing.

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Manage your space

Aside from allocating time, you should also have a good working space for your writing. Your time alone is not enough because if you can see distractions on your work space, it creates disruptions in your ability to think or to imagine how your work will be done. Make sure that your writing space is clean from scatters of papers and your writing space should be well organized. A clean environment creates an ambiance that is suitable for writing, especially if you can see the things that are arranged in the place that they belong to.

Consider your writing space your most sacred spot in the house that anybody cannot easily access it. That way, if you have lovely kids who play around the house, they will not mess your things such as your writing pen seated on top of your table or even disarrange the papers you have compiled for the sequence of your work. Your writing space is where you will be doing your work on a daily basis so make sure it is a place where you are comfortable.

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Admit to yourself that writing is part of who you are

You have an option of isolating yourself from possible distractions. If you have successfully managed your time and working space for your writing, more or less you have already come up with a room where you can do your writing activities. If possible, choose a room that is bright and gives enough sunlight during the day. The view of the room recommended should be the back of your house to see your beautiful garden rather than the front of your house where there is an undergoing construction along the way. This way, you can focus and concentrate on what you are doing especially finishing what you have started.

Writing should be considered of a part of who you are and what you are going to do. To accomplish your writing task, you must first admit that you are a writer and you are doing your work not for money or just to waste time. You are doing your work writing different things because you enjoy it.

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Focus on every task one at a time

Always focus on topics that you are going to compose covering every detail and making sure that every topic transitions to the next without each topic overlapping the other. Finish one topic at a time in order for you to have a good progress in your writing. Make sure that you are able to cover each topic before moving to the next. In the event that you have huge writing projects that needs to be accomplished, try breaking it down into smaller tasks to make the work easier. Lessening your work load on a specific time frame lets you do more things faster. Multitasking is not really recommended in writing not unless you are really good at it. Keep in mind that you need to focus and finish every task that you have for your writing.

You can also try to look for alternative ways on how you can easily accomplish every task that you have in your writing. A good example would be taking advantage of certain situations to your liking such as writing while in the middle of heavy traffic. You are doing your work without being affected by the problem that you are currently in which is killing your time caused by the traffic.


Setting priorities is one of the best ways to be more productive and this is very important especially when you want to achieve something. Having a list motivates us and keeps us focused which is a key to writing and the key to success. This maximizes your ability to write.

The above mentioned steps are just some ways that you can do to improve yourself as a writer. There are other things that you can do as well to gain some skills or techniques that can be applied in writing. In your journey as a writer, gaining skills little by little is one of the keys to success.

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