How To Market Your Book Before You Submit to Publishers

In the writing/publishing business I have learned one thing, well it’s a business! I also learned publishers and agents only want to know two things, is your book marketable and will people read it. Most do not know this secret little tidbit for they are so excited that they finally finished their manuscript and feel confident they have the next bestseller. You just may, but then you got to know how to pitch and give the publishers and agents the facts. You have to market yourself and your book. They get millions of submissions a day the shorter the letter probably the better. How do you do this you ask? Read on then.


 Market Your Book

First I advise you to research on publishing, as well a publisher or agent you are going to submit for each agent/publisher has their own set of format they want submissions in. The main thing they want is to know will the book sell? Does it have a market? How do you know it unless they give you a chance right? Wrong you can easily find out yourself if your book has what it takes and then you can submit this into your submission pitch. This is not a guarantee you get a contract but this can definitely show the agents and publishers you mean business and statistic do not lie…well they can ,but that’s a whole other topic.

 Still Do Not Follow? Let Me Explain

As some of you may know I have written a little book called “Angelic Confessions.” Publishers are going to want to know what is so special about this book. Publishers are going to want to know will people want buy this book. Does this book have marketing material? I can certainly boast and say how great this book his and what type readers this book is aimed for , but I went one step above. I decided to really test my book to see if people would really be interested and want to read it. I created a home website for my book Angelic Confessions. I even made promotional videos for the book, I put up character bios, synopsis, and a sneak sample. I put out the link on all the social networking sites. People actually took a look and signed up to get the latest updates on my book. Sadly I have to change the server the site was on and lost some people but I did not actually they just did not resign up as I kept getting emails that said the story sounded interesting and could not wait to read more. So I then took it a bit farther and really tested my book. I decided to release the book one chapter at a time on text, then I would remove it. This is the true test and something I can incorporate in my submission to publishers, or to tell the publishing company that has been interested in my novel that look here I have fans already, I have a following I have BUYERS!!! Which is will be music to the publishers or agents ears.


If you were given 10mins to pitch and market your book could you?

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Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

Janey, This is a good informative article. I hope you have been successful in marketing your books. I enjoyed this hub and thanks for the information.

"Quill" 6 years ago

Hi Janny... thanks for the Hub and the information... as always well done and very informative.

Blessings and Hugs

Mike Lickteig profile image

Mike Lickteig 6 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

Janny, your ideas are awesome and should go a long way toward making a case to publishers. This is a very well-conceived idea, and I will have to give some thought to adapting it for my own needs. Thanks a ton, and I hope you are moving toward the success you deserve. Take care!


JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Your welcome Pamela. Thank you so very much.

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Blessing back Quill Im so happy you like it.

Cheers to you.

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Why thank you very much Mike! Most people think to market your book after it published but it's not a bad idea to start before hand too. To give your chances a little boost. And I am moving along great I just got a permanent position with WV writing services. I had to pass a test and everything so they are strict to get into so Im kind of like whee I was picked!

coffeesnob 6 years ago

Janny, Excellent, my dear, just excellent. Great information. I will keep this in mind as I draw near to the conmpleteion of my book


JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Thanks CS! Good luck to you on your book! I know you will do great your awesome!

P.S. Love the new pic of you!

lmmartin profile image

lmmartin 6 years ago from Alberta and Florida

Very good advice. I too market my books but use trial readers and authors' review sites. Then, once having collective enough reviews, I use those quotes in presenting to others. Good luck to you on your endeavor. Lynda

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Thank you for the luck Lynda. This also was something to did while I await to hear back from the agents and publishers. I realized I needed to really show this book is worth their time.

drpastorcarlotta profile image

drpastorcarlotta 6 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

GREAT HUB!!!!! I have two books Published! One of the books, "BREAKOUT", Me and my husband before it was published sold $3,000.00 worth of copies and then we Published it! lol, lol, lol, GREAT TIPS!! I am proud of you!!!!

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

drpastor thank you so much and wow that is impressive! I hope I do as good as you!

Pheori profile image

Pheori 6 years ago from Moreno Valley, CA

Hi Janny. Excellent information here. I was looking into publishing a few of my manuscripts. The information you've provided in this hub is certainly a big help. And also... glad to have you on board with WV Writing Services! You're doing a fantastic job with us... and a fantastic job with the information you're providing to the public via avenues such as this. Keep up the great work!

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Hi Pheori! Thank you so much! I am happy to be a part of the WV writing Services team. I hope to continue to do my best for you.

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

Hi, Janny, this is great information, I will bookmark it and come back again when I have decided what to do, thank you for this, cheers nell

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Welcome Nell. Thank you for stopping by


MPG Narratives profile image

MPG Narratives 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

Thank you so much for this idea. A friend of mine has asked me to help her with a childrens book and I'm going to suggest we try this. Thanks for the heads up and will let you know if (and when) we get it published.

Good luck with your book.

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Thank you MPG for the luck, and Im please you found it useful. If you really look at the publishing business its true so it best be prepaired and wow them with the test market results.

tracykarl99 profile image

tracykarl99 6 years ago from San Francisco

I'm glad I read this. Thanks for the useful info!

wolfpack5 profile image

wolfpack5 6 years ago from Alberta Canada

Great hub my friend, I wish only the best for you in your endeavor to write books. Keep up the great writing.

have a great night my friend :)

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Welcome Tracy. And thank you for stopping by to read.

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Hey wolf pack! Thank you for stopping by.

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

You have provided excellent information that is useful to me. I just finished my first draft of my debut book yesterday. Thanks!

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Congrats on your first draft James! Its always a relief to get that first draft done. Thank you so much I happy you found this hub useful and good luck to you on your debut book.

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

Hi, Janny just a quick word to say I will start reading it tomorrow! got there at last! ha ha i just didn't want you to think that I had forgotten, okay? take care nell

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Aww Thanks Nell!

Winsome profile image

Winsome 6 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

Nicely done Janny, I liked your premise in the first chapter of your book and will be happy to read further. I noticed to my surprise that I have not signed up as a fan and will rectify that immediately. Good to see you and thanks for the good ideas. =:)

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Thank you very much Winsome. I'm greatly appreciative.

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

You are my inspiration, Janny. I learn much from you. I believe this hub useful for us. Thanks for share beautiful tips. I am glad to follow you. Good work, my friend. Vote up.


JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Happy to hear from you prasetio! Thank you very much for your kind works Im happy that I inspired.

Rebecca E. profile image

Rebecca E. 6 years ago from Canada

10 mins and this hub is all it takes bravo.

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Thank you Rebecca Im deeply humbled.

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 6 years ago from Savannah GA.

Great hub for it goes alon with my own ideas for premarketing a book! I will now follow you!

JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago Author

Thanks Highvoltagewriter. Great writing minds think alike.

MrDSpade2 5 years ago

Thanks for this post, you know few people tell me i inspire them with what i write, though after reading this hub, i'm the one who feels inspired.

JannyC profile image

JannyC 5 years ago Author

MrDSpade thank you very much. Happy to of inspired. I feel special.

Lydia Jones profile image

Lydia Jones 4 years ago from U.K.

Pitching is everything! I have e-published my book of feel-good fiction "For A Smile" for Amazon Kindle and am hubbing on how to get published with the women's magazine market currently. Well done here on great advice!:)

JannyC profile image

JannyC 4 years ago Author

Thank You Lydia!

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