How To Memorize A Poem

For a while in my career I was known as the person who could perform from memory poems of any length. On two days notice for instance I was able to perform, in its entirety, Allen Ginsberg's "Howl." That performance took 45 minutes! People thought I had some sort of amazing memory. In fact the secret was this almost mechanical technique which allowed me to commit huge amounts of text to memory. If what you want to memorize is long the process can be a grind and tests your commitment to the project. But for shorter works it is amazingly quick and easy.

Step One: Read the poem to yourself (not outloud)

Step Two: Now read only the first line of the poem outloud. Take your eyes from the page and immediately, outloud, say the line again. Glance quickly to make sure you got it right. If you made a mistake, do it over. Now move on to the second line and repeat the procedure- one outloud reading followed by one outloud recitation of the line from memory. Do this for every line in the poem (in order, I guess it goes without saying).

Step Three: Once you have completed going through the poem, go back to the beginning. This time read outloud the first two lines, look away and repeat them outloud. Check briefly that you got it right. If you make a mistake do it over. Now move on to the next two lines and so forth going through the poem two lines at a time.

Steps Four thru Seven: Repeat the process three lines at a time, then 4 lines at a time, then 5 and then 6. I have found that by the 6th pass, no matter how long or short the poem, you will have the whole thing committed to memory. At some point in this process you will find that you are able to recite the whole poem without hardly a glance at the poem. I recommend doing all six passes even if you already seem to have the poem down before then.

Step Eight: Recite the whole poem, preferably just before you go to bed at night.

Step Nine (IMPORTANT): Stop thinking about the poem and just sleep on it. Your sleeping mind is very important for memory- it sort of saves to your brains harddrive what has been floating around in its RAM while it worked through the poem.

The next day you should find (perhaps with a little glance at the first line of the poem to kidkstart your memory) that you can recite the whole poem. Now recite the poem once more, to yourself with meaning! Depending on when you want to perform the poem you may want to recite it once a day or every couple of days before your performance. You have mechanically memorized the text, now is your opportunity to explore the poem and all its hidden meanings and connections without needing the text in front of you.

Note: This memory may fade over time, if you do not give it a run through every so often. I couldn't recite "Howl' straight through now if you asked me to. Give me a day or two.

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Steven 9 years ago

holy crap this method dominates.

Thank you so much o whoever wrote this.

i had to memorize a few pages from a mid summers night dream by shakespeare and i aced it.

again, thank you.

Jordan 8 years ago

Hi I am only 11 years old and I have to do a prefomance in rivers for poems and this really hepled me thx


Jordan 8 years ago

Hi yah srry but i am thinking that i have to memorise three poems and would i do the exacte some thing u know what rocks i get to miss school yah

Jordan again

Jordan 8 years ago

srry would u use music to help u conetrate(question mark)

J.J. 8 years ago

Thanks for the comments, guys. Jordan, it should work for three poems as well. I don't know about music helping you concentrate, I never tried it...let me know.

arun 8 years ago

by tommorow i have to memorise a's only 8 lines...but it's in german. I have been practicing for 20 mins each day for a week, and i tried your method only today, but i can't get it to work.

please help, what else can i do?

Miki 8 years ago

Very good method! It works well for long poems.

Andrew 8 years ago

I don't know what you people are smoking unless you spent days or several hours doing this...I just tried the for the past 2 hours and I still cannot memorize more than 10 lines.

Shona 8 years ago

Great method! I've always doubted those who say " read the first line, then lines 1&2, then 1, 2 & 3 etc." It seems you'd get an uneven coverage :P

Chandler 8 years ago

I tried so many methods! Nothings working! This actually helped though, thank's!

Chandler 8 years ago

I tried so many methods! Nothings working! This actually helped though, thank's!

K.K. 7 years ago

i had to memorize a poem in a day (Petals by Amy Lowell) and this helped! thanks!!!

Emily 7 years ago

I have to memorize The Road Not Taken for school, This is helping, but only a little...

Gianna 7 years ago

This method is really good. I have to recite a poem tomorrow, so we'll see how well I know it then.

Then we'll know if the method really worked.

Trevor 7 years ago

This method is great, I used it twice and it worked perfectly both times.

Scott 7 years ago

This approach makes memorizing so easy - Thank you, J. J.!

I've combined your memorization technique with some recall techniques, and put them all together a web app for memorizing pieces word for word called Verbatim, available online for free:

It runs on: iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm Pre, Android devices, and WebKit-based browsers (such as Safari and Google Chrome).

The "related resources" section of the manual also links to your article, and I mention it (and yes, link to it) repeatedly in the video tutorials:

Sommer 7 years ago

thank you so much! i have to memorize the poem IF by tomorrow and its a huge poem! im gonna try this so thank you :]

Tanner 7 years ago

Thanks this is a great method it really helped!!!!

Diane 7 years ago

I had to memorize the poem "The Night Before Christmas" for school and this method really helped a lot.Thank-You a lot for sharing this method with us.

cienna 6 years ago

im trying to memorize youth i do adore thee by william shakespeare so far this is working prety good


lenni  6 years ago

im going to try this wish me luck!

lenni 6 years ago

umm wow this kinda takes a while .. im not done yet keep wishing me luck =)

anonymous 6 years ago

im going to try this for a 30 line poem... wish me luck!! :D

alex 6 years ago

man i have to memorize a poem called cremation of sam miggie and its three pages long and im only in grade 8 and i have a day to do it HELP!

alex 6 years ago

i know this is random but ps3 rocks and who ever wants to add me on it my name is poointhetoilet no spaces bye

Rhanta 6 years ago

Wow thanks! I'm a Junior and I'm asked to memorize 5 stanzas from a book (with deep words XD). With this method, I think I can do it. But the recitation itself is on Thursday (the day after tomorrow). Wish me luck!

anon 6 years ago

combined with linking visual images and mapping the images onto places in space (e.g. within a house) this works very well.

deanna 6 years ago

im going to try it on a 22 line poem in Ukrainian

I hope it helps thx

Deanna 6 years ago

Me again i ment 24 line wish me luck

Imani 6 years ago

SORRY IM SOO LATE but that helped me sooooo much!!! thanks a lot!!!

Francois 6 years ago

Superb method!!! I can now recite Have you ever by Gillian Healey

Mike taylor 6 years ago

this method worked GREAT!!!! I used it to memorize a bible chapter today, verse references and all! I'm going to combine it with the spaced repetition method: recite once a day for a week, once a week for a month, then once a month for life!!! I could use this method to memorize at least a chapter a day I think!!!!! Do it!!!!

Mike Taylor 6 years ago

P.S. I also bought a digital voice recorder so I can record and then play to myself what I memorized at night before I sleep!


this method is very, very helpful. thank you very much. I have memorized countless poems, passages, essays, answers, etc. thanks to this method. thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

Suggar Pop 6 years ago

hi,sorry but i need 2 memorize champion by carman which is SSSSSSSOOOOOOO long in JUST ONE HOUR

xrry but it didn't help much but good

Suggar Pop 6 years ago

hi,sorry but i need 2 memorize champion by carman which is SSSSSSSOOOOOOO long in JUST ONE HOUR

xrry but it didn't help much but good

Tony 6 years ago

O my god!I needed to memorize three pages and I was done in just 20 minutes!Thank you who ever wrote this!

lizeth rodriguez 6 years ago

how can i memorize a poem as soon as them it will take me lotz af time to do it...........

Panda 6 years ago

Omg so i just stumbled across this page and i really hope this works! im doing A Dream within a dream and my grade depends on this!!!!

Ninja 6 years ago

omg, thank you so much!

I have to memorize Alexander Pushkin's "Winter Morning" in Russian and the poem is like so long! But, this is helping me so much! Thanks :)

Michael 6 years ago

Dude I had to recite 2 page poem and I memorized the whole thing in 2 nights all because of ur steps



Taylor 6 years ago

Thank you so much!

I was working on this poem for school and I had finally gotten it memorized. I could say it backwards, forwards, and upside down. Then when I tried to repeat it an hour later, I could hardly remember a word. But after I used this method, I could remember it a lot better. Thanks.

Hiku-me 6 years ago

I need to memorize five stanzas (20 lines) of German!

I'm gonna die...

Serena 6 years ago

Thank you to whoever wrote this.I need to have a poem memorized for school tomorrow and I almost have it down pat.Thank you so much.

Areil 5 years ago



thank you so much whoever wrote this.

asasa 5 years ago

ummm i looked at my poem (bad memory) and i didn't know how to do it...and i still haven't its really hard to memerize just one line... :(

Taylor  5 years ago

i will try this.... :) sounds like it works from all the positive comments.

Nat xxx 5 years ago

I have to memorize a page from a book I love. The problem is that the font on the book is really small. I have to memorize it for the day after tomorrow so I will try it and see how it goes. I am only 11 too.

Megan 5 years ago

I need to memorize a poem in two days!

I'm only ten years old.

Ima 5 years ago

I have a competition for poems after tommorow, it consisted of 40 lines and I couldn't memorize the longest two, but your method helped me a lot, in only ten minutes, so thank you!

Anonymous 5 years ago

I have to memorize "The Old Woman of the Road". I'm only 10 going on 11 but I will try your method. It looks really great!

MEGS 5 years ago


KGT11 5 years ago

Thanks so much! I had to memorize a poem in one night and this helped sooooooooooooooooo much!!!! :)


Meghan 5 years ago

My poem is a Crocodiles Toothache and I can not get how people memorize a poem so fast but I have to present the poem tomarrow and I am soo nervous can you please HELP ME !! I am like having a nervous break down .

Louis 5 years ago

hey there,

it seems this method works but Ill try it on a 30 line poem.

PSG Ninja 5 years ago

I'm a freshman in highschool and I have to have "Kubla Khan" memorized and ready for recitation by tomorrow. Ugh. Imma try your method. I hope it works. And if not, wel, thanks anyway.

Trinity  5 years ago

Thanks for the tips! I have to memorize 2 Chinese poems for my Chinese class, and this is helpful. I'm only 11. I'm not good at memorizing, so I'll try this method. Thanks again! :)

CHYEAH GURL 5 years ago

thanks! Helped me heaps! And i mean heaps... :)

Samantha 5 years ago

Great method! :) I memorized "shall I compare thee to a summer's day" in about one hour. Now I'm going to do "The Raven," just for kicks, which will undoubtedly take a while... :)

EthanNeedsHelp 5 years ago

I hav to memorize a Phoenix and a turtle by shakespeare, and if this strategy works I will b back to thank u

souad 5 years ago

omg it actually work i got a 97 on my three page test by robert frost

Skyler 5 years ago

I have to memorize a 45 line poem. Hope this works!!!

GQ 5 years ago

Your method is a godsend for PUA's. Thank you.

Daniel 5 years ago

Hey is it possible to write the lines down instead of saying them?

Rose 5 years ago

I had to memorise a 20 line poem in just half an hour (I am only 12) and I found it incredibly hard the next I had to do it again but I had done some reaserching and found this technique the next I used it and aced it!!!

xxx Rose

p.s. It was an exercise we had to do to build up to memorising Shakespare (not all of it but a fare amount of it).

Ezion 5 years ago

thanks im 13 and had to recite the opening lines to the declaration of independence and thanks to you method i memorized the opening in 10-15 minutes

Abigail 5 years ago

This helped me SO much! Thank you thank you thank you!!

jj norts 5 years ago

this stuff works so good!!!!

anupam 5 years ago

man i thanx to whoever wrote this i had a matter of reputation but now i will b able to memorise . thankx for the tips champ and i am only 13

Dominic 5 years ago

I have to memorize the prologue of the Canterbury Tales in Middle English and this is helping me so very much. Great method!

Solo 5 years ago

This is brilliant!

Julia 5 years ago

I have to memorize a road not taken for my 8th grade english class and this looks like it might work!

Julia 5 years ago

OMG! it totally worked. I memorized it in 20 minutes and still remembered it the next day! I've now got it memorized a month before I have to recite it. Thanks so much!

Paul 5 years ago

I just memorized Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein in about 40 minutes. Took me longer than other people here, it seems, but it's very handy, and will work well for me learning the lyrics to songs for while I learn the guitar.

Thanks for this, and to everyone unsure about it, stick with it, everything clicks and comes good all of a sudden and it's an amazing feeling. :)

Jacob 5 years ago

Wow this even works for a French poem (Déjuner du matin)!

Nick 5 years ago

awesome. works great

Gloria 5 years ago

i like this method a lot! but for me it kinda of gets me used to the words but not know it kind of...but i had to memorize 56 lines of Paul Revere but it might be the way i learn because when i started typing the 4 lines and what not on my computer and saying it and then deleting it and retyping it and that helped me a little more

peter 5 years ago

this works great but somwwtimes u have to do the line thing twice

Jordann 5 years ago

I have to memorize a 10-line poem in Spanish by the end of the week, and so far this is helping! Thank you so much!

bluebrat 5 years ago

thank u so much this helped me a lot in school.i had to memorize a visit from st.nicholas in one day now i can be in the schools wiinter program.(: :P.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u!!!!!!!!!

katlyn 5 years ago

you guys have it easy i have to recite stanza 1&2 of the raven

Hana 5 years ago

I'm trying to memorize the Raven for my sixth grade English class. We were supposed to memorize a poem that was at least ten lines, and I'm really ambitious, so I chose the raven. (108 lines) I've got it all down but the last two stanzas, but I wish I had found this earlier. It really works. Thanks!

Jasmineeee , 5 years ago

UGH , This Was So Much Help I Love This It Really Does Help !

natalie 5 years ago

We have to memorize the poem "If" in my A-1 class. I want to get 105% but i have to say it tomorrow!!! Your tip has helped a LOT! It took me a weeek to remember the Poem "Road Not Taken" and "Stoping By Woods on a Snowy Eveing" Now maybe my crush will notice me!!!

Zoe 5 years ago

Wow thank you! Im going to use this to memorise This Shore-Tom Milsom and maybe use it to learn my lines for my drama production in the summer \m/

mary 5 years ago

working well!!!

John 5 years ago

Thank's to the guy who posted this! I almost gut flunked in English class.

Cloud 5 years ago

Thank's to the who wrote this. It really helps a lot. Thank's again for taking your time to share this to us.

Cloud 5 years ago

Thank's to the guy who wrote this. It works really well. Thank's again to spend your time to post this online.

5 years ago

This beautiful method really works. It is better if you do not leave your memorization till the day before you have to recite poem at school :-). It works even for longer poems like Dover Beach or The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock; though with longer poems it is better to divide them into shorter parts as memorizing the whole piece at one go may be quite time demanding. It depends on your speed, a sonnet (14 lines) can be memorized in 10-20 minutes, longer poems of 40 lines in an hour but the time quite varies, depending on your personality, the poem, its metre, its language. It also helps when you read the poem first time quietly that you do not read mechanically but with understanding vividly imagining the pictures the words evoke. Enjoy many poems.

Chelsea 5 years ago

This method is amazing! For one of my classes I had to recite the Inferno. All the way through. All cantos. This saved me!

Chinclatata 5 years ago

ok this doesn't work at all clearly or i wouldn't still be trying to memorize this poem

Chinclatata 5 years ago

i need a different way it still is NOT working

Kelse c: 5 years ago

Amazing Learned It In 2 Minutes ^.^

Thank You :D

Lucille 4 years ago

Thanks for the time about sleeping on it! It really helped and made me excited that I didn't need to stay up overnight to cram it in.

Lucille 4 years ago

whoops time is supposed to be tip. Thanks for the tip

Stephanie 4 years ago

Thank you for this method! I'm trying to memorize Te Rainstick by Seamus Heaney, but I cat seem to get the whole thing down. I'm going to use this and tell you how I did. Oh, and I'm using music. It kind of helps once you get used to the rhythm because you get the idea of what words go where. Thank you again for this!!!!!

Stephanie 4 years ago

Well, This method doesn't work as well when I'm using music but it works when I don't

Kay 4 years ago

Thanks so much! We have to memorize a 20 line poem, and being me, I put it off to the last minute... o_o

But thank you again, this was a wonderful way to memorize it. :3

Pb N. J 4 years ago

that's awesome and i'll do me best. wish me best lucks forks and spoons ^_^

Pb N. J 4 years ago

that's awesome and i'll do me best. wish me best lucks forks and spoons ^_^

Julia 4 years ago

I have 2 memorize a 3 page poem in lik no time I hope it works

Sarah 4 years ago

Im supposed to study a poem from my exams,and I hope this method works,coz its really important.wish me luck

ad 4 years ago

i think this is the best i say so far

nfectionO 4 years ago

Thanks man! Memorized a 28 line poem in 30 minutes.

RachelGabriella 4 years ago

i loved it! you should teach memory classes...cause this technique totally worked! i love it!

AnkiBlank 4 years ago

I think this iOS app is suitable to learn by heart.

Muzzammil Manzoor 4 years ago

J.J Haves, I am indebted to you for these very useful tips. I memorised a 34 line poem in half an hour, completely. You have done a great service to the people by posting this, and we all are very deeply greatful to you.

Enough of the flowery vocab. This article is darn awesome.

ana karen 4 years ago

i love a boy and im go in to send him a pem

momica 4 years ago

i love christopher camacho......

Chef 4 years ago

Hey dude!! Thanks a lot...It helps so much

Serena 4 years ago

I have to memorise different poems and texts in Chinese...i usually forget or keep stuffing up. I'll try this!

Croat 4 years ago

Last night I ve put your method to test with Rade Serbedzija´s ?Kose boje maka? . Well, this method works!:)

Always wondered how someone memorizes a poem and recites it, now i know. My lady friends will suffer! ;)))

gwern 4 years ago

Austin 4 years ago

Thanks A LOT!! Practically saved my LIFE!!!!!! :)

Hugo 4 years ago

Thanks a lot it seems that the more you read the poem, the more you will understand and know the poem by heart! :)

billie 4 years ago

what if its in a different language your learning at school?

Nobody 4 years ago

I hope its work.. I'm gonna try some... wish me luck

awesome bhutan 4 years ago

this method is awesome

David 4 years ago

Love Step 9 im really into computers so that was just awesome for me

Somebody 4 years ago

says I love your method!!! :)

Jaby 4 years ago

What a nice idea!!!

Shashi 4 years ago

I needed to memoriz a twenty five line poem and this helped me do it in under 20 minutes! Thanks so much!

Pp 4 years ago

I don't undertand how it is working for all of you. I have been trying to memorize an 8-line poem for the last 45 minutes and I still can't get past the 4th line. Is there something I'm missing here?

LOL 4 years ago

This method only helps me remember key words; I can't remember the "but" "or" and "and"... and also, I have trouble connecting the verses together even though I know them separately...

Chris 4 years ago

Thank you for savng my life, this methoud actually worked! Better than the others.

flarb 4 years ago


Brooke 4 years ago

Oh my gosh this worked! Thank you so So SO much! I feel more confident now and now this page is bookmarked forever now!! :) Thanks a million! :D

Chrestano 4 years ago

Very useful!!! Helps me be spiffy

Craig 4 years ago

with my mindlessness I'm very forgetful but wow! VERY HELPFUL THANKS

Ariell 4 years ago

this helped a ton. thanks. i found that i was memorizing it in the morning on the bus, and by the time i got home i lost it a little. i found a recording of it (its thanatopsis) and played it while i slept. that reinforced everything i had memorized over night. maybe this will help some of you. it really helped me. i had been memorizing it for a week and using this i got it in two days. thank you soooo much!

mary 4 years ago

THIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERY ONE SHOULD TRY IT :)

Allison 4 years ago

You are actually my current favorite person. Thank you so very much for this method, I've almost got this poem down completely! :)

Joe Schmo 4 years ago

Great method. I was stressed out that I had to memorize 51 lines in the poem "Paul Revere's Ride" and had waited until the weekend to do it. On Monday night (I went back to school on Tuesday), I was able to memorize 30 lines in about 2 hours because of this. Thank you!

FiviogsZign 3 years ago

My spouse and i helpful to receive high on life nevertheless recently We have piled up an amount of resistance.

Arvid 3 years ago

I've created a webpage that helps you using this method:

Mylindaminka 3 years ago

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nsdgdb 3 years ago

hey thx for the technique I gotta memorize a mark slaughter poem in 20 min and this worked like a boss

sarah 3 years ago

We had to memorize the road not taken. I have a horrible memory so it took me 4 hours using this method.

MalamMagnetBiru 3 years ago

You saved me. I have a festival to perform at today, and for some screwed up reason, I had to rewrite an entirely new poem & memorise it within 2 hours.

Thank you.

jameriaa 3 years ago

thanks I had a poem to memorize about figurative language in one day and I did it and this really helped me : )

G A LO L 2 years ago

T H x

poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop 2 years ago

thx btw im also GALOL

gggggggggggg5 2 years ago

Im going to poem she was a great time to get the best way for me to the next few days ago by the way to get the best of the most important thing to do with the help of my favorite things that are available in the morning.

lolololololololollol 2 years ago

Im z nArwalllllllllllllllp

Víctor 2 years ago

I have to memorize a page-long poem for Spanish... here goes nothing!

Abby 2 years ago

Yay! I had to memorize a poem for English as summer homework, and I already have it down completely! I started the process only 2 days ago! It really works! USE IT!

Annalise 2 years ago

ive got to learn a scots poem in 3 days and this worked!

annon 2 years ago


Michelle 21 months ago



I had to learn a poem in french, memorized it in 5 minutes!

Riley 18 months ago

I've been memorising poems lately just for fun. I usually recite them when I'm alone or walking home. However, it was taking quite a while to remember even short poems, so I thought I'd have a look online to see what techniques I could find. I tried this method with a 40 line poem and an hour later I can recite the entire thing from start to finish. While a 30 line poem used to take me about 2-3 hours. Thank you!

Brian 5 months ago

Thank you for this! I spent half an hour learning the Wild Swans at Coole, and it's still all there a day later!

I wish they taught this method in school...

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