How To Motivate Yourself In Your Pursuit In Becoming A Writer


As mentioned in the previous article, time alone is not enough when it comes to writing. It involves determination, hard work, and a little effort to finish your writing task. But the question lies on how do writers motivate themselves to have determination, hard work, and effort. There are some writers who find unusual things to motivate themselves. Some writers motivate their selves through various examples such as material things, monetary rewards, or sometimes a fulfilling reward would do. By motivating one’s self, they are prone to work much harder and accomplish tasks quicker than the average worker.

In this article, I will be providing some information or some tips on how you as a writer can motivate yourself during times that you feel that writing can be set aside. I hope some information here will be useful and is enough to motivate people to be good writers. Included in this article or hub are some benefits that you might find interesting whenever you are trying to motivate yourself in writing.

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Break them up

Keep a mindset that every work is attainable no matter how huge a project is. Huge projects can be broken down to simple yet easier task and attainable goals. If you will not break down a huge project, you might slack around just by thinking that there is a huge bulk of work load waiting for you to finish.

By breaking down your work load, you will have a mindset that this work can be done little by little and by the time that you notice it, this work is already finished. People tend to work more if they think the task can be finished in a small amount of time even if the tasks are many.

Breaking down applies especially if you are working on a novel or sequences of your book where there are lots of chapters that is required. You can do it chapter per chapter or you can also do it paragraph per paragraph. Together with your schedule, finish every portion of your huge work load on a timely basis.

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Get everything set up

Set up all your materials for the topics for your writing project. By doing this, you can start creating ideas and gathering information that can be used in your writing project. If you have everything set up, your work will be much easier and this will motivate you even more since you only need to do little things to finish up the work.

Make sure that you have all the things you need to finish up your work including all the research you have gathered, equipment that you will be using, and many more. This does not only involve the information and ideas that you need. A good set up for your work place helps as well. It creates good vibes that make a writer feel much better. Remember that an organized work place gives a writer peace of mind and allowing him to work efficiently when it comes to their writing. As good vibes blend in with a writer’s drive in finishing up their work gives them motivation.

Imagine you are sitting in your work area and what you see is well organized and all the things you need are already set up, you can focus on your work without being distracted by going from one place to another getting your materials and data prepared. This is lessened since you have your materials prepared for you allowing you to be more motivated because you will be able to finish your work in a short span of time.

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Focus is the key

A writer needs to focus on all the good things that are happening around him. Focus on how much you have accomplished and try to focus on how much you can accomplish. On a day by day basis, you will not be aware that you already completed your task. Be aware on what can happen and be prepared in controlling certain circumstances if anything comes up. Being prepared and being focused works hand in hand during tight situations. Focusing on your work also helps especially in avoiding distractions. Focus on your goal and make sure that you attain your goals.

Great focus is rewarded once your work is finished. After all your tasks are done, you will feel a sense of accomplishment in the great things that you have done and this is because you have focused on the task at hand. By focusing in finishing your work, you will have more time for yourself which is a good motivation for writers.

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Indulge yourself

Every time you finish a task or a goal, indulge yourself with the hard work you have done. This can be done by celebrating with a friend or with a fellow writer. Try to go to your favorite restaurant and treat yourself. This can also be in a form of materialistic things like your desired cellphone, computers, or gadgets as a reward for your hard work.

Writing is not just pure hard work and effort. Always remember that you have to enjoy what you are doing and don’t forget to reward yourself every now and then. Going out with friends every time you accomplish something is not just for the purpose of celebrating. It is also a means of socializing and separating you from writing once in a while. Going out with friends will motivate you more even if you are in the middle of your writing project.

You can also keep track of your work by going out with friends or fellow writers and discuss your action plans when it comes to your writing. You can also share your ideas and your thoughts to a friend who is also into writing. This will create good feedback on your thoughts and you might even get ideas or recommendations coming from your friend. This really helps since rewarding yourself will always keep you motivated and strive to finish more of your writing projects.


By knowing how to break down your work, getting everything set up, focusing on your writing and rewarding yourself are only some of the ways on how writers can motivate their selves when it comes to writing. You can also come up with some things that might motivate you in your work as a writer.

As mentioned earlier, always have fun in whatever you do and try to maintain a sense of balance and optimism. Some say that writing is difficult and involves a lot of hard work, but can be over turned by having the right mindset and motivation.

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