How can we handle this ?

There are even evil forces at play in the
hearts of this mankind this we know
They would have us divided and hating they
would have us at war and how

Even those who were to inform us and we
called our media and more
have denigrated to something evil
and they have more hidden behind their door

But as always it will come through from each heart
it always has in times of war
that the soul of man will only stand so much hatred
and there will be hatred no more

The other day at the market I followed a woman
and I also followed her man
and I saw the new promise
they walked hand in hand

And I wondered how is it that in love something
begins that without love would not
like watching a small man walk strong and a big
man who's strength he forgot

And I remembered ....a joining of hands is a beginning
a joining of hearts the end
The joining of souls is forever and it's
called gaining a freind

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