How important is it to stick to a niche topic when blogging?

Blogging's Bottom Line

Blogging is not about sticking to topics.  It is an ongoing activity inspired by an ongoing activity, namely life.  Even if a person starts a blog to raise issues, discuss or promote matters and have their say, unless they are machines, the tendency will be to meander and digress. These meanders and digressions are what give the blog its flavour and what makes certain blogs popular or unpopular.

Take for instance the Comedy Problem Page blog of Wilma Proops.  This is a blog that meanders in the style of the character who writes it.  Wilma is a lush, Wilma is opinionated and Wilma just loves to rip the p*ss out of all sorts of people.  The bottom line with this blog its writer is incapable of sticking to one topic.  Apart from anything else, comedy problems are diverse. Wilma can't even be bothered to update her blog that often so just how is such a blogger to stick to any topic?  Precisely, impossible.

Boring Blogs for Boring Readers

In fact, any blogs that do tediously stick to the same old topic are boring.  Let them carry on as they do by all means but notice that nobody (apart from the odd tedious boring reader) is going to read it anyway.

Variety is the Spice of Life and Blogging

By all means stick to your topic if you aim to sell it.  That said, don't give us meandering bloggers a hard time.  The first blogger in History, the historian Herodotus, digressed for most of his time.  2,500 years later he is still read and one must suppose that it was his digressions which has kept him read over the centuries.

I blame the internet...

Image from Wikipedia Commons
Image from Wikipedia Commons

Sorry, What was the Question?

How important is it to stick to a niche topic when blogging?

ANSWER: Not at all important

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MJ Dakota profile image

MJ Dakota 6 years ago from San Diego, California

Ha Ha! Life has too many topics to discuss to stick to just one! I have too many interest to just read one topic. Give me information of many genres and I am Happy!

Read for knowledge and live to be wise.

Support Med. profile image

Support Med. 6 years ago from Michigan

Variety IS more interesting.

Homesteading profile image

Homesteading 4 years ago from North Central Florida

My education span on the same topic blog, levels out after 3 or 4 write ups. Then I move on. Nothing worse than boring. Excellent article !! :)

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