How to Copy/Cut/Paste on a Mac


I’m not sure how a PC owner does copy and paste on their computer.According to my friend, it is quite different than on a Mac.So you PC owners who stumble across a marvelous Mac here are some simple directions that might help you when you want to copy, cut and paste.

Let’s take a Word document.At the tippety top of the screen…(and my Word speller check says that word “tippety” is not a word, but surely you know what I mean—you know, the very top)…anyway, up there are a row of words that read:Word – File – Edit – View – Insert – Format – Font – Tools – Table – Window – Work – Help

First highlight the text you want to copy.Then click on “Edit”.A menu will drop down.Click on “Copy” and that puts it on your clipboard (which is out of sight).Go to the place you want to put the text and click your cursor to show the blinking line.From there go up to “Edit” and on the menu click on “Paste”.That will put the text you copied in the place you marked for it to go.

Hopefully this will help some PC users when using a Mac computer.

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techygran profile image

techygran 5 years ago from Vancouver Island, Canada

short and sweet and to the point Ms. Life and Health Seeker... I am sure that a lot of folks who are struggling with MACs, trying to learn to cut and paste, will get what they need from this little article. Good work!

lifeandhealth profile image

lifeandhealth 5 years ago from Washington State Author

Thank you for your comment. I find MACs so much easier to use than PCs, but that could be because I started on one.

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