How to Increase Your Readership and Your AdSense Income

Join SheToldMe and post links to all your articles and bookmarks you have published on Hubpages, and Xomba. This will increase the readers of your articles and bookmarks and the revenue you make from your articles and bookmarks published on Hubpages, and Xomba.

You will also make 100% of the Adsense the links to your articles make when they are published onSheToldMe. Since joining SheToldMe and posting links to my Xomba articles I have noticed a significant increase in my AdSense earnings from Xomba. SheToldMe is a PR5 site and works well getting links to some of my articles on page 1 of Google search engine results pages.

How to Use SheToldMe to Promote Your Hubpages, and Xomba Articles

SheToldMe is very easy to use in conjunction with Hubpages, and Xomba. Click the submit button and paste in the URL of your article or bookmark. Add a title (it is better to use a different title to that of the original Xomba article as this increases the chances someone will click it). Add 200 characters (about 30-40 words) which promote interest in the article you have publishedon any of the article sites we recommend

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