How to Proof read Articles Effectively - Top 7 Tips

There are many writers out there who burn the midnight oil to complete an article, but the article is still not ready for publishing. Majority of us think that our work is over once we finished writing an article; our work doesn’t end here. It is very important to proofread an article before publishing it.

Readers will not be impressed to read a work that is full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. This will give an impression that the writer is not serious about what he/she has written and this would affect your reputation very badly. I totally agree with you that proofreading is a bit painful job, but it is worth doing.

I am going to outline 7 practical tips to proofread your articles that would polish your writing. These tips are:

  1. Take some rest: Okay…you have finished writing the article; now take some rest before you even start proofreading your article. Once you take some rest you are in a better position to spot any mistakes in the article.
  2. Run your article through spellchecker: You can either use the built-in spellchecker of your word processing software or use any third-party spell checker to locate spelling mistakes in your article. Correct them as and when the spellchecker identifies a spelling mistake.
  3. Check grammar and punctuation errors: Spellchecking is over now; the next part is to look for grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors. When running through spellchecker, system will not identify grammatical mistakes like “your” and “you’re”, “were” and “where”, “here” and “hear”, etc. Similarly, check for the usage of punctuations like colon, semi-colon, comma, etc. You may as well use third-party spellchecking software that will check for grammatical mistakes too.
  4. Give due credit: Are you wondering what giving due credit has to do with proofreading articles? Proofreading doesn’t mean checking spellings and grammatical errors alone; it also means whether everything in your article like accuracy of facts and figures, giving credit to these facts or mentioning the source, including proper images and giving due credit to them, etc. Mentioning a fact or figure or uploading an image without giving credit is plagiarism; plagiarism is illegal.
  5. Ask someone else to read your work: Tell someone else to read your work aloud and you listen to it closing your eyes. When a third person reads our work it is much easier to spot the mistakes. This particular tip has done wonders to my writing.
  6. Reading backwards or bottom-up: In what way does reading the text backwards or bottom-up going to help in proofreading articles? When you do so, your brain is forced to concentrate on each and individual word as you will not be able to read the text faster; this will enable you to spot spelling mistakes easily.
  7. Final reading: Good…you have run your article through spellchecker, checked all grammatical mistakes, given due credit, etc.; what next? Take a break, go and have a cup of coffee or listen to some soothing music, come back, and give your article a final reading to double-check everything is right. Is everything right? Voila…you are ready to publish your article.

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silkwormy profile image

silkwormy 5 years ago from Manila, PH

Two things:

1)You got me hooked with your title.

2)You got me reading until the end.

Certified beautiful for me.Reading backwards or bottom-up is something new. I've music in the background, too, not when I'm done with the text and just adding capsules.

daveillidge 5 years ago

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sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

sunilkunnoth2012 3 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

Indeed helpful. Keep on writing such hubs to help us, the new comers in HP. Congrats!

anuramkumar profile image

anuramkumar 3 years ago from Chennai, India Author

@sunilk, Thanks for the visit and the encouraging comment. Am happy to hear that you found this info helpful.

tobusiness profile image

tobusiness 3 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

anuramkumar, a very useful and informative article, I must try reading my work bottom-up, although I have difficulties reading top down :). Great job.

anuramkumar profile image

anuramkumar 3 years ago from Chennai, India Author

@tobusiness, thanks for the visit and the comment. Glad that you found this hub very informative.

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