How to Start a Love Letter: Romantic Salutations You Can Use

How to Say "I Love You" in a Letter

Many people would like to write a love letter to someone special, but don't know quite how to start. How should you begin a love letter? There's really no right way. There are many phrases you can use to get get started, and once you get past the initial phrase, if you continue to write from your heart, your letter is sure to touch the one you love. But that initial hurdle can be intimidating, so this page has a variety of romantic salutations to get you started. And if you need some help at the end, there are some romantic valedictions to close your letter.

Romantic Salutations to Start a Love Letter

How to start a love letter? Try one of these romantic salutations to get past your writer's block, and then listen to your heart.

My dearest ___
My darling ___
My beloved ___
My lovely ___
My previous ___
My sweet ___
My beautiful ___
My handsome ___
My cherished ___
My wonderful ___
To the love of my life
To the woman/man I love
To my love
To my true love
To my sweetheart

How to Close a Love Letter

After you've finished writing your love letter, you certainly don't want to end it with a standard, impersonal closing such as "Sincerely yours" or "Best wishes." If you're stumped for romantic valedictions, here are some suggestions:

All my love,
Yours forever,
With all the love in my heart,
Your beloved [husband, wife, etc],
Your loving [husband, wife, etc],
Romantically yours,
Love always,
Until the end of time,

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Romantic Love Letters 7 years ago

the post is very good and useful, thanks for the post.

ashsih 6 years ago


jeff 5 years ago

yea this help u stop people should be ashamed of yoursevles I sent my wife a love letter and she slaped me across the face!!! >=/ and told me never write this sh** again I told her I thought it was something she would find romantic and she said hell no get this outta my sight! >=/ and all I wrote was the stuff u people told me to!!! almost ruined my marriage! thanks you bounch of fags

Chay 5 years ago

Um Jeff? There's two things that could possibly be wrong with this...

One) You didn't write exactly what they said.

Two) Your wife is misunderstanding your letter.

Aaron 5 years ago

I don't think saying "My previous ___" is all that romantic, personally.

Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 4 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

First you have to have a "previous" to know whether it is or not. Not likely though, based on my experience. The point is to write the love notes regularly as I have pointed out. Loving thoughts need to be expressed.

Phil 4 years ago

i do suspect previous is supposed to be precious, the keys are right next to each other

ACM 4 years ago

Jeff...You're wife obviously doesn't respond well to romance... keep beating that bitch with a coat hanger like she's used to you doing! If it ain't broke don't fix it!!!

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