How to be good and discipline in writing blogs.

The Good Attitude

What makes writing article or blogging so interesting? By the nature of writing, people imprint ideologies, emotions and intelligences from their mind into a medium that can be visible to others. Telling from my experiences as a former high school teacher, writing essays was the least favorite subjects by my students. When asked, most of students would say, they feels lazy to think of a topic to write, hard to initiate an introduction and admit they are not good in writing even before they to try it. So the question is, how to be good and discipline in writing blogs?

Attitude is essential in improving writing skills. Of course there are elements such as passion, interest, creativity and all that cliche. Eventually those elements will all have their part to play in developing writing skills in blogs or articles. For me, if you want to be a good writer and a good blogger, you need to first become a good reader. This is the most fundamental factor that will build a person's foundation in writing. Try to read as many articles as possible from many different high rank websites. Hubpages would be a great start. There are so many great, narrowed and specific topics in hubpages. Bare in mind, it is best to read articles from a well written informative source because if your not blog-walking properly, you might end up in a sales page and that will not do you any good. Everything in the internet is free of charge. In becoming good in writing blogs, it is best to invest a big portion of your time, not spending your money. Squidoo and ezine article is another great platform to start reading and writing. Make a habit of reading your own hubs, essays and posts. Most newbie bloggers would tend to skip this part. I guess because they are afraid to stumble into their own errors or grammars but these are the things that newbie writers need to work on. Repairing unwanted errors and rewriting posts will likely get more hits and credibility.

The Discipline Attitude

The second part in writing would be discipline. Creating a positive habit and stuck by it will make any newbie writer to be discipline in their writings and postings. Like what Joe Montana quote, " Repetition is king." Treat writing as your business. Treat the action to write and publish blogs as if it is your business especially if your looking to make money on the internet. Set a minimum number of posts that you need to publish daily and stick to it. After some time, learn new skills such media content, keyword search, search engine optimization and so many more. Diversify or focus on narrowed niche, that is your choice. Do not give up as writing blogs is a long term investment.

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K9keystrokes profile image

K9keystrokes 5 years ago from Northern, California

You offer some very good information. And I absolutely agree, to become an efficient writer, you must first become an avid reader. Thanks for sharing.


Tweetmom profile image

Tweetmom 5 years ago from Newark Author

Glad you liked it :)

Stella_journey profile image

Stella_journey 5 years ago

Totally agreed! Reading will definitely improve our writings. Keep on reading and keep on writing.

pedrog profile image

pedrog 5 years ago

It always great to read motivational articles, blogging and hubbing are a very lonely business, it is hard to keep the motivation level.

profile image

Multiman 5 years ago

Good article

Tweetmom profile image

Tweetmom 5 years ago from Newark Author

Thank you pedrog. Hopefully we are driven and motivated from the inside. Your comments are very encouraging, it is great to receive motivational feedbacks as well ;)

profile image

Bethany Culpepper 5 years ago

Reading, writing, discipline - Love it! Good job.

Tweetmom profile image

Tweetmom 5 years ago from Newark Author

Thanks Bethany for visiting my hub, you just summarized my whole article! lol :D

The Jet profile image

The Jet 5 years ago from The Bay

I dig the Joe Montana quote. 'Niners for life! Voted up.

tsmog profile image

tsmog 5 years ago from Escondido, CA

Great advice for us newbies , , ,Discipline is an attribute toward reaching the goal as you say , , ,now I am off to read your hub on procrastinating , , ,

Tweetmom profile image

Tweetmom 5 years ago from Newark Author

@thejet repetition is King. can be used in any part of life. thanks dear.

@tsmog LOL !! How can the word "discipline" be in a same sentence as "procrastinating"? You are funny mate. Hope when your done with my hub about procrastination, you'll sitck to your guns and produce more great hubs :)

Thank you for your feedbacks.

The Jet profile image

The Jet 5 years ago from The Bay

No problemo.

daffodil2010 profile image

daffodil2010 5 years ago

useful information. thanks for sharing.

Tweetmom profile image

Tweetmom 5 years ago from Newark Author

@daffodil2010 Thanks for taking the time to read my hubs xoxo

PK2010 profile image

PK2010 5 years ago from United Kingdom

Thanks for the insight and the tips you've shared. Very useful info.

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