How to say Good Night

Night is a time when we all want to be as much free of worries as possible. A blessing wish in the night can make it worth sleeping.


Different Ways to Say Goodnight

Some simple ways to say goodnight to people whom you love and cherish.

Sleep tight

in faded lights

with dreams bright

but don't forget to

get up right!

on the first sight

of moon light

Have a good night :-)

When fairies dance on melodious tune

And night bathes in full moon

fly off your worries like a balloon

And go to bed with a heart full of boon

When the world bathes in moon light stream

Close your eyes with happy dreams

When night is quite like placid sea

May your heart fill up with glea

When stars shine with full might

May your night is like a happy flight

Pearly dew have started to fell

Angels blow sweet bells

Dainty flowers are heavy with dew

Sky is now no more blue

Wintry chill is freezing grass

Liquid has taken solid mass

Coals are burning red and bright

Ready to give you a warm sight

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Freya Cesare profile image

Freya Cesare 6 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

These are cute poems! I love the first one the most, it Making me smile. Thank you for sharing, dear. :)

gulnazahmad profile image

gulnazahmad 6 years ago from Pakistan Author

Its good to know that my poem made someone smile. Good to know and thanks Freya for coming here. My regards

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