How would you know if I

How would you know if I

haven't eaten in awhile

was hiding pain beneath my smile

Starved just to feed my child

How would you know if I

slept in the backseat of my car

was wearing long sleeves to hide my scars

was lonely with a broken heart

How would you know if I

lost everything i have

had tears beneath my laugh

wasn't sure of my path

How would you know if I

was suffering in pain

Not sure of who I am

and was feeling so ashamed

How would you know if I

Was raped the other day

and was forbidden to say

who took my virtue away

How would you know if I

Had concrete for a bed

that my bruises make me red

and I wish that I were dead

How would you know if I

have given up on everything

and have a hard time believing

when all I have is me

How would you know if I

was telling you my last goodbyes

if you wont look in my eyes

and ask yourself why

you didn't know that I

was saying my last goodbyes

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Fay Paxton 5 years ago

Excellent sentiment Simone. We take a lot for granted.

Voted up and awesome

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