I Am At Peace

Spare the words that are going to come out of your mouth.

They don’t mean a thing.

All I can here is the sweet sound of death calling my name.

I can see it standing there and patiently waiting.

It knows that I have unfinished business.

The time is ticking.

I don’t have much time.

I anxiously say my goodbyes.

The hugs and kisses to those that I love.

They are unaware that it will be the last moment that they will see me alive.

My face will be tear stained because it will show the apologetic sorrow that I offered before I left.

I lay upon my bed for the last time.

I see my surroundings for the last time.

I am sleepy.

I feel myself fading away.

I am at peace.

I hear the cries of my husband that found me.

He picks up my lifeless body but it’s too late.

He didn’t reach me in time.

My master plan succeeded.

I am with him. I can hear and feel him calling out my name.

I can still taste his tears on my motionless mouth.

My life force is gone.

I am no more.

I feel a hand softly pull me upward.

I look back and I saw my husband holding my lifeless body.

I see the face of the being that is pulling me away.

It is smiling.

It is talking to me without moving its lips.

I see my boys waiting for me.

They come and grab my hand.

They take me away.

It is true. The good memories are there.

I am happy. I am free.

Although, I hear the cries and mourning of my beloved family.

I am at peace and I know that everything will be okay.

I will watch them from where I am.

They will always feel my presence.

I am where I want to be.

I am at peace.

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samtebbutt profile image

samtebbutt 4 years ago from Ireland

I enjoyed reading this poem,the flow of words lead to death becoming a peaceful release

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