I Am Fine Wine And Cheese.


I am fine wine and cheese!    

You cannot erase age
age erases you
wrinkles eventually
fold you up
and box you
in white satin
and polished mahogany
breathe in
each moment
without timing it
life is too short
to measure the size
of it's equipment
suffice to say
it screws you
in the end
and it can be long
or rather quick
I am a fine wine
growing better
not bitter
still popping my cork
and inebriating others
with the flow
from my bottled up
essence released
I am a matured cheese
full of gaps
that once were
and are no more
but surrounded by
the tang and sharpness
of a bite
of this moments
very best offered
drink my heady
nibble the edges
of my sharp
softness but
let each page
and not my age
be your motto
join me on the wine rack
to become vintage
and collectible
not on the whine rack
to become crippled
and fodder for obits
you cannot erase age
age erases you
write on.........
crossing out
what's left behind
with a zestful vigor
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III

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Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

I can relate to that one!

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