I Ask Myself

I Ask Myself

Why do I miss you

the way that i do

I get so distracted

are you missing me to?

Why do I want to hear your voice

at any time of day

What have you done

to make me feel this way

Why am I thinking

I'm making you sad

If I wanted you

would it be so bad

I could reach out to you

but,only in my dream

Im trapped where I am

Can't you hear me scream?

If I could give my all

I'd be with you

but just one time

your heart would fall

It doesn't seem right

and its really not fair

your in my heart

I really do care.

VLH 2003

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IN2Deep profile image

IN2Deep 6 years ago Author

Thanks Ashantina---yes

Ashantina profile image

Ashantina 6 years ago

Does this person know that you're missing them?

V sweet..

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