I Believe: A Poem

My wife and I at Disneyland.
My wife and I at Disneyland.
At a beautiful beach in southern CA.
At a beautiful beach in southern CA.
Me and Marilyn at the Safari Park.
Me and Marilyn at the Safari Park.

To remember the love.

To remember the beauty.

I believe in a love that never dies.

There’s so much to life.

There’s so much in her eyes.

I believe in a love that never dies.

Which way does the wind blow?

From where is this love born?

I remember the first day.

It seems like yesterday.

All in a single breath.

Love never seems to rest.

I’m lost in the ocean’s tide.

I’m lost in the ocean’s tide.

The tears that come too soon.

Her beauty lights up the room.

There is so much to love.

Words can’t express my love.

Love in her precious smile.

Love in her precious smile.

I’m embracing her love.

I’m embracing her beauty.

I believe in a love that never dies.

© 2010 Terry Fatland

Sting - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free

Some Further Thoughts on Love

What I personally discovered about love is that it’s multidimensional. Why you ask? We are multidimensional beings. We are love itself experiencing itself in a multitude of forms.

We are familiar with the Romantic Love concept. We can picture Cupid’s Arrow hitting us, resulting in us falling in love with someone. But what about a love that is deeper. What about a love that doesn’t have any requirements. It is commonly referred to as Unconditional Love. This is the love of God. What I’m here to tell you is that you are this love too. You are Love itself. You have just forgotten.

I knew of a couple in which Romantic Love wasn’t enough. It wasn’t until they were separated that they understood what Unconditional Love was.

The woman was hurt at first when he said that he wanted to separate from her. However, this separation was their saving grace. It gave them the opportunity to know each other as friends. They became best friends that wanted the other to be ultimately happy, even if that meant they would never be with each other again.

There is a powerful line from a Sting song that sums up Unconditional Love: “If you love somebody, set them free.”

Another line in the song would be a good metaphor for Conditional Love: “If you want to keep something precious, go lock it up and throw away the key.” This is not Unconditional Love. This is Fear. This is the Ego talking.

The woman was willing to let the man go, because she was coming from a place of Unconditional Love. This love does not have any requirements. Her ability to let go allowed the relationship to blossom into something more beautiful than ever before.

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mljdgulley354 profile image

mljdgulley354 5 years ago

This is a beautiful hub. You are so right. Experiencing unconditonal love from another is exceptional but hard to recognize if one hasn't acknowledged unconditional love from the Father

Cresentmoon2007 profile image

Cresentmoon2007 5 years ago from Caledonia, MI

Wonderful hub on love, and I really love that poem. Voted up.

Terry27 profile image

Terry27 5 years ago from The Place Called Love Author

Thank you mljdgulley354. I appreciate the nice comment. You make a excellent point. Many do not realize that God is unconditional love.

Terry27 profile image

Terry27 5 years ago from The Place Called Love Author

Thanks Cresentmoon. I'm glad you enjoyed the hub and poem. Thanks for voting it up. Very kind of you.

TKs view profile image

TKs view 5 years ago from The Middle Path

My, you've been quite prolific of late, Terry. Posting so many new hubs. I've been rather busy and not had a lot of time to keep up, but wanted to stop long enough to comment on this one. I mean, you're writing of love. How can a person pass such a topic by, after all?

Well done.

Terry27 profile image

Terry27 5 years ago from The Place Called Love Author

Hi Tk. I have more time to write, since I'm not at school right now. I understand being busy. I was going to school full-time, plus work. It can sometimes be hard to write with so many things going on.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem.

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