It Was My Choice

I chose not to know about my own peoples' plight, because if I knew, ... I'd have to stand up and fight. Fight about the way we're being treated in the towns, spat upon, talked about and, trampled underground. Fight about the way we're being thrown into prison, Fighting the drugs, and the alcoholism. We're fighting one another with guns in our hands, selling dope to the babies .... who made this plan? We don't own ships or planes in the States, who brought the dope over here in the first d--mn place?

I chose not to know! because .... who am I? could I make a difference if I really try? Help! Help! I heard somebody shout, I turned the other way, and took the easy way out. I said to myself, "I ani't getting involved, I don't know the person getting mugged and mauled. Even if I did, what could I do? The man had a gun, and a big knife too. Babies having babies, and momma's on crack, daddy ran off and ain't never coming back. "I have a Dream", a man once said, then one day, they shot him dead. I chose not to know, is that so mean? I don't know nothing about no dream. I look at what happened to our leaders before, all the things they had to endure. I think of the things that they went through, the marches, boycotts and, sit-ins too. With blood, sweat and, tears we got the vote, somehow it got switched, to a bag of dope.

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