"I Don't Know What to Write, So I'm Going With the ARBY"S Logo"

 I took along walk...

To get you off my mind;

...for awhile.

You see-- Iwas trying...

To find, the right words

...to make you smile.

So I walked... Up and Down the beach,

With a notebook... in my hand...

Writing down my thoughts--

while... the shore was rolling in,


Castles made of sand.

I can't collect my thoughts...

But, I thought... that I should,

...write them down.

I didn't put them down in any real order,

But maybe... This will all make sense--

When I write them down...

My mind is kinda cluttered--

With so much junk...right now...

I'm not sure what to write.

It feels like I haven't  slept...for awhile--

Or maybe...

I was just up all night.

I've got so many questions,

I don't know what to ask...

Or, where to begin.

The sand feels warm, and the sun is bright--

But the water is cold... because...

I had to put my feet in.

Maybe... now is the time that I should...

Get home--

In case...

You decide to call me on the phone.


Copyright 2008, StJames

All Rights Reserved. 

"Castles Made of Sand" by Jimi Hendrix

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