I Don't Mind

I Don't Mind

I don't mind being alone

when you call me on the phone

and i don't mind a little fear

as long as i know your near

I don't mind waiting for you

because i love the things we do

and i don't mind if i have to share

i can see in your eyes you care

i don't mind understanding

love is special not demanding

I don't mind saying it's all so confusing

i know you don't like the feeling of losing

and i don't mind saying how i feel

i know I'm not dreaming it's too real

I don't mind thinking of forever

as i can see we will be happy together

and if there ever comes a day

when you have to turn to me and say

things would be better if i didn't stay

then i will turn and walk away.

i wont hate you-I'll be a friend

because our special times will never end.

(C)VLH 1986

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