I Found You Again

The tremble in my soul

has returned...when your lips touch mine

My world whirls and spins

and I am no longer in reality when

you kiss me

you breathe life in me when you exhale within me

i feel you encompass my body,

my skin revives when you hold me

i dont know how i lost the feeling

i dont know how it has come back,

dont know how i found it,

but its here whenever you are....

i love you once again

and i feel you like the first day

i feel like the young girl inside when you hold

me ....you make me feel lnvinsible and beautiful when

im in your eyes

i am the girl who has fallen in love you once again

time has helped me regain this feeling for you...

for that i thank him... he has given me the time to heal

and to realize what i would have lost without you...

if you only knew how much i went through to come back to the

girl i was...i am now the woman i need to be....to be

with you forever...and be by your side...

I love my self and who i am when i am with you now...

my soul has reconnected ....my body is alive...

my spirit is in love again...

what a wonderful feeling to have been awakened

and to feel like before in your arms

when you love me ..

let me never fall asleep again.


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