I Hold You Nearest


Head up, buckles buck, 'boot strap' strapped, flaps is, it's a near miss,

Tires hiss,

Bullet spits, fits, of emptyness, rest, fluid, lifts,

Senses it,

Speechless lisp,

Stuttering fits,

Information transfer, curing, cancer- Cantor, fixed

Infinites rigged,

Equations nixed,

Lice sits,

Scratching head, scalp grips,

Pulling plucks, string thin, clumps, bald, quick,

Old & Grey days play, age is, never sick,

Seasoned- snap, stack, stored, twigs,


A new journey, begins,

Lift off, falcon 9, news news... Breaking, just in,

Race, to the heavens, now, whose gonna win,

Entrants chosen, we're not losing, so what can you give,

Energy sieved, universe slid,

Traction action, tractor beam gleams, attraction of power, printed backwards, yes it did,

Jokes hint to kid,

Kidding, no know misbelieving, to the unsuspecting, misleading, hidden meaning, mind candy, handy, tools, Jack fools, pails hid,

Water skips, across thirsted lips, cow tipped, over the moon, owl swoons, hoo- hoo, silence crisp, pin drop squints,

See it???

Spidey... Eyes wide, web grips, world wide HI!!! Ate times, viewing space, shit...

What else can I say... In my mind, searching, brain??? Flex it flex it,

Exercise your thoughts with dots... Think, deep, unleash, your inner beast, slavery cease, strengthen within,


To your inner whisper, stronger than ever, prepared for, this endeavor, vessel's christened,

Bottles broke, boat will float, across the moat carrying the goat, escape goat of hope, view remote, nope, no blocks can stop this poke, cloak, knock knock... I'm listening,

Listening to the ground, sound, I've found, hummm wanna walk around??? Ok look down, look up, mud & stars, such is luck, across the muck, gravity's stuck, traction shoves, (love), is gripping,

Grabbing ahold of the globe, whole, world in hands... Best I can, lyrics, come up with, lending... A fabric bending, extention of intention, giving a singing, song to hold or told, knowledge convincing, signal scans to static, black, majik, fading,

Escaping, existence, swiftest... Contemplating,

A sycle swaying, back & forth, tic-toc, harvest time, grandfather clock chime, in, swim, bells ringing,

Sneezing... Bless you... Atchoo, you too, klenex, spying

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whonunuwho profile image

whonunuwho 13 months ago from United States

A unique approach to writing poetry my friend. Well done. whonu

goego profile image

goego 13 months ago from Loserland Author

Thank you whonu just trying to have fun working with words, thanks for reading!

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