I Love You For You ~ a Poem

Why can't you see

That I love you for you?

Does age really have to matter?

So what that you're older

Age has nothing to do with it!

I love your smile

The way you talk

The way you walk

The things you say and do

And how your mind works

Most of the time lol

I know sometimes you misunderstand me

And I you

But that happens with everyone at times

This love I feel is so strong

As long as I'm alive I'll feel it for you

I'm not seeking another

And I love you as much as my mother

You are a dear friend

Always giving me unsuspecting bends in the

Road of my life

I look to you when there's strife

For advice

You make me laugh

I love to talk to you

I hope you do too

What can we be?

Will we ever be a whole package of two?

People say move on

And you have also

Well, I try to and I keep busy

But what can I say..

You mean the world to me

We didn't get along living together that I know

Would we ever get along again?

That I'd like to know

And I don't know

I wish we could try...

Words, have hurt me you've said

Sometimes they cut me through the heart

I felt like it would break

The pain was so great I couldn't take...

I don't want us to hurt each other

Just want a great companion

I still want to have fun and lots of friends

You don't have to have them like me

You can still be a loner

But can't we love each other?

You could cook for me

I could do things for you too

Isn't there lots we could do?

We used to spend hours playing pool

And kissing, hugging, making love

How could I forget those passionate times?

On it I thrived

It made me feel alive!

So when you think you're too old for me

Would you just please


I love you for you

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