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     My first article on the ArtsNow Program at Edmonds Community College as a resource offered to students in the arts, drama, and writing programs of study. ArtsNow is offered to the local community in Seattle and the main office is at The Edmonds Conference Center Downtown Edmonds in Washington State. Please click on the link below and read this article about a program offered to the artists in our community. Here is a introduction to the article:

                   Edmonds Community College and ArtsNow in Partnership for the Arts

                                          By Valerie K.T.S. Read

      Edmonds Community College offers students another community resource if a class is not offered on campus. That resource is the ArtsNow, CRI and ULearn program located at the Edmonds Conference Center in Edmonds. ArtsNow, CRI and ULearn offers non credit classes to students who would like to take a class in the arts, learn a new skill, or just for fun. What classes does ArtsNow, CRI and ULearn offer? A student can take a class for painting, ceramics, and sculpture, jewelry and mixed media, drawing and printmaking, performing and media arts, photography, writing, and digital expectations.If an adult wants to continue their education they can take non credit classes through CRI (Creative Retirement Institute). Another program that was added called ULearn offers students non credit classes for home, health, and wellbeing, languages, sports and recreation, and work and finance.ArtsNow offers the Edge Program a three day workshop that teaches the artist how to market, advertise and set up a portfolio for their artwork.

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EdmondsCCPIO 6 years ago

Congratulations on the article, Valerie! I'll look for your story on commencement in the next issues of The Triton Review.

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