I Remember Me

I remember me
Oh so long ago
remember being free
to  let my feelings show...

I remember me
A person inlove with life
every day a reverie
and only sweet dreams at night...

I remember me
I was the one with a smile
and always the first to greet
and walk with you every mile..

I remember me
but I dont know who I am now
I know who I used to be
I just dont remember how..

I remember me
its no longer who I am today
But just like memories
I just faded  away..

Copyright ©2009  Dawn Gagnon  

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Becky Puetz profile image

Becky Puetz 5 years ago from Oklahoma

This is so deep and beautiful and very true for many of us. I can really identify with what you have said in this lovely poetry. Thanks for sharing your innermost feelings. Voted up, awesome and beautiful.

dawnella66 profile image

dawnella66 5 years ago from South Carolina Author

Thank you so much Becky, I wrote this back when we suffered the loss of several family members in a short period of time. My mom told me I was no longer the same person after that..and this was my acknowledgement of that. Big hugs, I need to get back to my poetry, your encouraging words just might get me motivated..


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