I Reach Out To You

Am I not good enough

do my tears wash away your sins

Do you find retribution in how

you treat me

Is this your way of showing love

Am I to beg for your understanding

spill my soul

blood staining your hands

my blood

I reach out to you

you turn from me

Am I that repulsive

did I put these marks on myself

The ones unseen

will never heal

I reach out to you

forgiveness they say heals

How deep the wounds

I don't know if forgiveness

will be enough

Look me in the eyes

I can't hide the pain

I reach out to you

you look away

shame registers across your face

not able to embrace my

tortured stare

This isn't love

a sick obsession

is what you've created in your mind

The one person to keep me safe

I reach out to you

you betray my faith

take my trust and twist it up

throwing it away leaving me to fight

for self preservation

and walking out the door

I reach out to you

now you'll reach out for me

I'm no longer there

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Ashantina profile image

Ashantina 6 years ago

Wow. I love this.

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