Poetry-A Poem I Sit I Wonder

I Sit I Wonder

I sit here hoping endlessly

for you to somehow notice me

I just can't keep crying

my body is slowly dying.

My mind just don't know what to do

my heart is so in love with you.

I am happy when were kissing

but I feel there is something missing.

I know it's just not fair

for me to hold you ,if you don't care.

your love is what keeps me alive.

I need you to survive.

Everything seems alright

when you hold me close and tight.

But, when you break the hold

I feel so lonely and cold.

Although I know you are right

we should'nt be together everynight.

But, for you i would pay any cost

because without you I am lost

and whether or not you believe it true

I say all this because I love you.

(c)VLH 1985



Is it any Wonder-Keane

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IN2Deep 6 years ago Author

Thank You jdogg42

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jdogg42 6 years ago

very good

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