I Stand Still

I wish sometimes I could stand still

and know that life will be alright.

I wish sometimes I could stand still

and be able to take it all in.

Knowing who I am and the thoughts I have

while wishing others could feel the same...

for once.

I stand still.

I stand alone.

Going down into the depths of my soul.

Hoping to find the happiness that has left me,

but it's deeper then I may ever know.

I'll leave it there until it dissipates.

I stand still.

I stand alone.

In my mind I've seen it and I'm going all the way.

I wish that I would quit standing in my way,

and open up my heart and mind

to the road ahead and the magic it holds.


The future is my own creation

and it spurs from my imagination.

I stand still.

I stand alone.

John Preston - August 8, 2011

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ExoticHippieQueen 5 years ago

Very beautiful and deeply introspective. Voted up and beautiful!

tatyana walker profile image

tatyana walker 5 years ago

thank u

ComposerGoneWild profile image

ComposerGoneWild 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA Author

Thank you! :)

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