Oh Lord, I Thank Thee

Dear Lord

you gave in 1961

a life to me, a life of one.

With this my own which leaves to say

You gave to me

You taake away.

Let's not be judged

by book or cover

or what we hold inside,

for who are we to judge each other

or take a different side?

You gave to me a body complete

so perfect in every way,

so now I will try my very best

to make you happier

with each new day.

I thank thee Lord for making me

one whole, and not one half.

I thank thee Lord for making me

without ligaments torn apart.

Although I may have been born blind

and unable to see,

You to me were very kind.

Oh Lord I do thank Thee.

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ServingYeshua profile image

ServingYeshua 4 years ago

Thank The Lord!!! Your hub is truly a blessing to so many including myself!!! Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you and Thank The Lord for you!

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