I Wished For... :: A Poem

Another sentimental poem from my collection. This one was written in Sept. 02.

I wished to make myself a rose garland

But oh...they withered away...

I felt like eating a lot a chocolates

But oh...ants took them away...

I called the cool breeze to play with me

But oh...the sun made it hot...

I asked the rainbow if it knew how to make me smile

But oh...it said that it could not...

I whispered to the angels to take me to dreamland

But oh...they just disappeared...

I asked God who is it who'll be with me forever

& lo and behold...YOU APPEARED!!!

Please feel free to leave me any comments. Thanks for your time =)

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Kim Lynn profile image

Kim Lynn 6 years ago


Lakshmi Murukesh profile image

Lakshmi Murukesh 6 years ago from Kollam


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