I always leave your heart

I saw the love in your eyes

I felt it on your skin

you tried to hide it

But I consumed you within

I danced with your heart 

with a smile on my face

a smile so loving

sent you into a warm place

I am a ghost that hides her emotions

i hide from love and all kinds of devotions

I run to drowned in the forgetting oceans

I deal out love in heavy potions

So forgive me if i leave

i am possesed to go

you cant stop me

because nobody knows

How to tame my lungs and how to awaken my soul

so after my love, you will never again be whole.

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tlmntim9 5 years ago

How touching. gotta love love

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ScRuTTy 5 years ago

i like how you write, great work :)

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