Always yours


What happened,

I could not make you mine,

no matters, when,

our meeting has never took place,

I am still yours, and

I will be yours forever.

You have not accepted,

as I don't qualify for you,

this, your sacrifice,

for considering about mine,

what you have done,

I can never pay for it,

What happened if,

the body couldn't become a bride,

no matters, if it has not,

put up wedding gowns,

I am yours, only yours

and will remain yours forever.

If the relation of body breaks up

let the sacred thread,

of our hearts not be broken.

you turned a look towards me,

this life is only for you,

tiding the bond of my thoughts,

I am yours, always yours.

For you, I can set my life in fire,

if your world will be enlightened.

for you, I can break my heart,

if you am me can become one,

not only house, I can leave the world.

If you leave all for me.

If all of these could not happened,

I still be yours,

only yours,

and always yours..........



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