I am man

I am man

All I can do is think thoughts of suicide
I’m not as ignorant as you think
But I almost can’t take the pain
I’m not just some plain goody goody
I’m not a geek
I’m who I am and I am me
My pain extends out
It’s as if it’s an extension of me
The way it can affect others
But I know how it all feels
I’ve smoked
I’ve drank
I understand
I’ve loved
I’ve hurt
I am not perfect I am man
And I think of suicide while I write this
All my loneliness
It extends from what you think of me
I just want to fly away
And forget what I am
Forget I am man
Forget I am me
I’m not perfect
And in the end I think that’s what you think of me
An ignorant geek
Someone who knows nothing of pain
Nothing of love
But that’s not who I am
And I am me

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