I am remote

I am remote

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

I am remote, an island within an endless ocean,

life lapping upon my shores, refuse strewn at its edge.

I dare not touch these aberrations of humanity,

these remnants of life left behind.

They remind me of my past, my reliance,

my captivation by the talons of striving.

I once fell to the enticement of importance,

the raw seduction of bloated arrogance.

Now, I need sun and breath,

and the freedom of mind to create,

to wallow in the beauteous stream of possibility.

I am remote, yet a part of all that is.

In my surrender I bow to the universal,

the grain of worlds, the worlds of grain.

My mind the width and breadth of creation,

within which I explore my limits.

I am an island of dreams,

a pure pristine beach of hope,

basking in the infinite,

the spark of me alive in my every thought.

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