Am I Sinner..........?


Let the pages,

of my life,

be unread,



let also be it,

remained blank,

please don't try,

to write on it.

It was not,

as it is now,

very beautifully,

the fortune,

had written on it,

all that appeared,

on it was not liked,

by the cruel misfortune,

which rubbed it,

and washed forever,

I remained to see,

only this act of nature,

like a bird,

I have no place,

for myself,

the world,

not made for me,

the charming,

aspects of life,

just burning,

stones for me,

no way of life,

made for me,

no goal of life,

set for me,

I can't say,

where I have to go ?

Just like a flower,

broken from the plant,

I have no smell,

nor, I have colors,

Who has mistaken ?

whether I,

myself, or,


but I have,

nothing to blame,


I have nothing,

in my life,

even the right,

to blame,

is not awarded,

to me.


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